Path of Exile Digital Comic Issue #4 Now for Sale!

dlrr wrote:
Ha! Indeed! Now when I look at Ondar's Flight, I'll know exactly what he was running towards and not running away from. CAKE! :D

Someone please make a cartoon of Ondar dodging arrows all due to the fact that he spots a piece of cake and leans to pick it up.
Tin foil hats are a lie propagated by the aluminium industry.
Snout mask? Pfff... :)
Anticipation slowly dissipates...
I want more of this series
ok so I bought the pack with the masks, but here is the problem: the masks are hardly visible on my character. The marauder tilts his head forwards and it just looks like he isn't wearing a helmet. Kind of a step down from the badass spider pet.
seamonkeys stole my hammer
can Brazilians buy this issue ? Just for the MTX masks =) ?
Dream with me !
Safe to assume these are helmet replacements (e.g. Arcane Helmet,) rather than imbuements (e.g. Ice Crown) then?

Edit: Just saw Beastfsho's item links. Looks like they are indeed replacement effects. Thanks!
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nice and entertaining read, as always.
considering all the
deaths in this version of the comic, the current heros introduced will be gone in act 6 :-)

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
Il wait for the physical copy.
I love my comics on paper.
Playing since 0.9.2g

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