[TLW] The Lone Wolves [All Leagues]

Guild is no longer
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Hey all; feel free to leave us any questions or pm us we are more than happy to help people out :)

TheNumbers - The Lone Wolves
We do play in all leagues we are not locked into one certain league.

Nailroth The Lone Wolves
We do have a small ts server for those who wants to use teamspeak.

For any questions add Numberswandsyou or Freezthy ingame and we will answer them
We have now a small Ts3 server for those who wants to use it while they play with us. Come and play.

We are still recruiting just contact us in game if you would like to join

IGN Freezthy
Contact ingame if you would like to join we are not as harsh with requirements.
We are still reqruiting just conntact me or numbers ingame

IGN Freezthy - Numberswandsyou
I'd love an Invite! I tried contacting you guys online but you weren't on!

ign: Adrinana
We are preparing for the Awakening launch. only 9 days left.

All leagues and timezone is welcome.

IGN Apesia

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