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maybe a dumb question, i am downloading right now, but how much is included in the open beta? is it like diablo 3's beta, where you get to the skeleton king, or is a large amount of the game included?
For now you can access all the content, of a total of 2 1/2 acts over 3 difficulties. Plus at the end of the third difficulty you can access endgame maps system.

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Hi Guys,
I'm a new youtuber but I'm really into path of exile currently I'm playing as a Shadow class if you have any suggestions on how to gear or spec I'm not real experienced so no mumbo jumbo please :-D Anyway I'm uploading my gameplay and so far people seem to like it so if you have time please check it out!
If you trigger ele equilibrium with fire trap, is the burning damage (both from fire trap DoT and procing ignite) decreased by 50%?
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Rory wrote:
Thanks for the post, Malice! I'm stickying this for a short time, so new players will spot it.

How about sticky it for good? This is just plain out stupid .. I just started trying to play this game but since I'm dumped into it blindy with no existing tutorial and it took me almost an hour to find this I don't give a damn amymore. unistalling..
coming back to this game after a long hiatus is crazy. so complicated.
I use Faster Projectiles Support for Magma Ball from Flame Golem. Why Magma Ball projectiles not fast? it bug or not effect if not effect why can use?
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Though I know what exactly I must do, I can't manage skills well :))) Maybe I'm so noob LOL
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