[1.3] "Scorching Flames & Decay” The Poison Arrow/Incinerate Build

Scorching Flames & Decay

Hello this is Flitterfrost and I’m here to represent a very bizarre version of Poison Arrow that I enjoy using. Although unusual, it is a VERY clever build that make best use of stats and mechanic to combine two builds into one. One is Poison Arrow and another, Incinerate. It seems those two ability have nothing in common, however both benefit from projectile and chaos damage. They also cover each other weakness effectively thus allowing flexibility in end game.

Offense: Poison Arrow

Offense: Incinerate

Base Damage

Atziri's Promise

Atziri's Promise + Vaal haste



Dominus Merciless

Gorge Speed Run (3:45)

Shock and Horror(Old Build)

High Level Map

Calculated Damage
Poison Arrow
16.7k DPS

98k DPS
0.3 ~ 0.4 Second for Max Stage.

Passive Tree


This is the rough progression to take for leveling. Depending on your gear or survivability, you might want to invest into life and mana early.

20 Points

40 Points

60 Points

80 Points

109 Points

Full Build

Bandit Quest
Help Oak

Kill All

Kill All

Gem Link


Although it seems to demand for several quality gem, you should instead focus on AoE quality like Poison Arrow and Increased AOE to make Poison Arrow more convenient and better at clear speed. The other quality are more of a luxury and time investment bonus.


Incinerate is the number one priority in achieving a 20% quality for its projectile speed. Other qualities are luxury and time investment.


The aura are placed on Helmet to benefit from +2 Aura of Alpha Howl.


It not really important to get 20% quality but it still nice to have. This should be the last to improve.

Buffs and Curse

20% Quality Arctic Armour is really nice to boost mobility and could be your next goal after quality Incinerate + Poison Arrow.

Lightning Warp (Wand)

20% Quality isn't needed as it is mostly overkill. Of course you can still get or craft quality for bragging rights and slightly faster Lightning Warp.

Suggested Gear

+3 Bow Required!!!

This is the most important item to get as [+2 Bow +1 Gem] greatly increase the DPS of Poison Arrow. Extra mod like resistance, life, and/or mana are nice to have. You can easily get away with 4L bow however a 5L is needed with Pierce Gem if using Drillneck.

2-4 EX
Two Apep's Rage Required!!!

This is one of the biggest DPS increase to incinerate but also the most mana expensive to use. I would suggest running with 1 until you can sustain 2 Apep's Rage. They should be fairly cheap if you are patient in finding a price range of 20-30C.

20-30 C
Cloak of Defiance

Strange enough, the build is just 3 nodes from Mind over Matter but the reason we choose Cloak of Defiance over spending passive points is due to the stats of the gear. Mana and mana regeneration is really really good along with 40% life to mana conversion. You should aim for 5L as Incinerate really shine at that point.

Note: This is generally a mid to semi late game item, There are better alternative if you have the currency or fusing.

Legacy 5 Link 6 Socket:
2-5 EX
Carcass Jack

This is another good item that works well with the build and is cheap to buy. However you need to spend 3 passive points to get Mind Over Matter.

5 Link 6 Socket:
3 EX
Atziri's Splendour
This item is extremely good if one wants to go for a tankier yet more expensive method. Currently I don't have it but if I could then I'll go for Evasion/Energy Shield with Life Rolls. (Armour/Evasion/Energy Shield doesn't seem to have life roll or it just very rare)

20-40 EX
Carnal Armour (Rare)
This is if not one of the best late game item to use for this build. The stats are really benefit the build with its nice innate mana plus it being an evasion/energy shield. I suggest trying to roll for +90 Life and +400 Energy Shield if possible. If you can't afford a 5-6L then go buy a 6 socket for 4-8 chaos and use fusing to craft a 5-6L.

Alpha's Howl Required!!!

This is a really good item to make the best use of our aura but also reduce mana reserved. You also need to farm up 100 chromes to craft [2 Blue and 1 Red Socket] from Vorici.

20C - 1EX
Doryani's Invitation Fire Variant

This item provide life leech for the fire damage but also some nice stats that function well with this build. Of course you can go life belt instead.

4C - 20C

This unique is the second biggest source of damage increase when used with pierce. However this unique is the most expensive on this list so good luck.

8-12 EX
Other Gear

The other gear should focus on resistance, life, mana regeneration, and movespeed. Make sure to cap all elemental resistance.

4-20 C



ヽ(・ิ-・ิ)ノ UPDATES! (╯・ิ-・ิ)╯
Guide Updated
Visual Updated
Added Chaos SwagWand for Max Incinerate Deeps
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Normal Enemy

You are free to use Incinerate or Poison Arrow against your enemy. Both will do excellent damage but I find Poison Arrow better at speed clearing and fighting dangerous enemy. Incinerate in the other hand is effective in bursting down key targets due to massive DPS. Make sure to use Warlord's Mark to boost survivability.

Map Boss
Map Boss not listed here are very easy to fight against however I can only confirm for boss under level 74.

The Weaver (Over 9000 Spiders)

[72] Jungle Valley Map
Difficulty: 5/5
Suggestion: Skip Boss because you will regret trying to fight it. The heavy damage over time plus numerous body blocking enemies will easily rekt your health.

Miscreation Boss

[68] Museum Map
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggestion: Despite being only a level 68 map, the three boss can quickly kill your character if not careful. I suggest attacking all 3 with Poison Arrow to lure them in and fire another Poison Arrow near the entrance. Quickly exit the area and wait for them to die. Repeat if the cloud doesn't kill all 3. (You have a few seconds time frame when they don't attack)

Fire Fury (Balls of Hell)

[76] Crematorium Map
Difficulty: 4/5
Suggestion: This is one of the hardest yet possible boss to fight against. She deal MASSIVE burning damage which can quickly RIP our character. I find it best to kite her in circle with Poison Arrow while also keeping track of her long duration spells. The entrance and exit of the area is pretty good resting spot to wait for the spells to end.

Merveil (Water and Ice Everywhere!)

[70] Graveyard Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Suggestion: Poison Arrow is your best skill here. Attack from a range and avoid her abilities.

[75] Necropolis Map
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggestion: Same as above however her second phase can be ended quickly with Incinerate. This requires good positioning to avoid getting stunned from water geyser.

Amarissa (Laser Boss)

[72] Torture Chamber Map
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggestion: Take advantage of the pillars to protect yourself from the laser. The laser does lightning damage over time which bypass majority of our defense. This makes Poison Arrow the strongest skill here.

Vaal Oversoul

[74] Maze Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Suggestion: He is quite easy to fight if you know his animation and spells. I find it ideal to fight up close and Incinerate as most of his ability attack at range. Otherwise use Poison Arrow when avoiding the laser attack or clearing out summons.

The Great White Beast

[74] Underground River Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Suggestion: The beast hits really hard so don't act stupid and man fight him, especially with increase physical damage map mods. Although you can still Incinerate the beast with good positioning.


[71] Temple Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Suggestion: She hit pretty hard so if you want to play safe, fire Poison Arrow at her location. She barely move from her spot so it should be an easy fight.

[77] Shrine Map
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggestion: She is surprisingly easy to fight with Incinerate late game. At start of a fight, immediately Incinerate her until the Lightning Storm appears. She usually choose another form which could be fire or ice. Her fire form is your free tank and spank and you usually kill her at this point. Otherwise take cover against her Ice Shots.


[71] Colonnade Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Suggestion: Do not try to fight him at close range, he hit extremely hard so its better to kill him with Poison Arrow. I meet so many idiots who underestimate this boss and quickly R.I.P. to him.


[74] Residence Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Suggestion: He is very hard to fight up close due to the Lightning Stream and the lack of nearby cover. Although you could bring him close to a pillar which tend to screw with his A.I. and makes Incinerate easier. Or use Poison Arrow if you want to be safe.

[78] Palace Map
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggestion: This Dominus is the one shot boss and precaution is needed to avoid death. He is the same as Merciless Dominus so familiarity of his mechanics and spell is your best bet against him. I would suggest using Poison Arrow in his first form as his spells are extremely dangerous. The second form is slightly tank and spank so Incinerated is pretty effective in killing him quickly before you burn out the flask needed to dispel bleed.

Black Death

[69] Overgrown Shrine Map
Difficulty: 2/5
Suggestion: He is pretty easy unless the player build is new, then he really become a problem. The spider attack with viper strike which can hurt alot so fight back with degeneration damage of Poison Arrow. However a late game build murder him instantly with Incinerate.
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[LINK] Poison Arrow DPS Calculator

An excellent calculator I develop which is accurate, user friendly, and has some interesting features.I greatly suggest you use it to figure out your poison arrow damage and stats. The link is on the title above.

Interested? I have more! Click here!
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Hello, nice combination of PA + Incinerate to have both good clear speed and boss dmg.

I'm going to try and include Incin in my BL PA ranger skill tree will be roughly http://poeurl.com/ze8c3cw for lvl 98, what are your current health and mana/unreserved mana numbers? Also using a Carcass Jack and no alphas atm for more survivability.

Wonderful idea. I myself experimented with poisen arrow in this league and I was very pleased with my AoE damage, but I was lacking single target damage. The idea to use a spell like incinerate is great :)
I'm updating this build. I found ways to make it more consistent and increase incinerate DPS.

Edit: Gonna need to upload better videos with the improved build. Might be able to beat Gorge map this time. :D

Edit: Videos updated.

Edit: Updated and add boss fighting strategies. I'll be adding more later. :D

Edit: Boss fight completed. Hope you guys don't rip. D:
I am awoo.
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Aleehuk wrote:
Hello, nice combination of PA + Incinerate to have both good clear speed and boss dmg.

I'm going to try and include Incin in my BL PA ranger skill tree will be roughly http://poeurl.com/ze8c3cw for lvl 98, what are your current health and mana/unreserved mana numbers? Also using a Carcass Jack and no alphas atm for more survivability.

CoD and Alpha howl actually provide higher survivability due to armour, Stronger MoM, and +2 Aura. Carcass Jack is generally good for AoE + Life which the large AoE can easily cheese enemies. Meaning they will be hurt by clouds but won't do nothing assuming you don't hit them with the initial arrow.

Life: 3363
Mana: 3490/949

Despite the low health, I'm actually quite tanky. Still life is good to deal with degeneration damage which this build can't defend against beside life.
I am awoo.
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This build looks sugoi as fuck! Making use of the weapon swap for something other than levelling gems unlike 90% of the builds you see everyone do.

BoTW plox, GGG? (ノ・ェ・)ノ
Ugh effort

I prefer to wait when I get 2.0 of defensive calculator going. I do believe it will take some time before I get it running again.
I am awoo.
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Cheap and very effective build

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