[2.0] Low Budget Crit Tornado Shot Ranger | beginner friendly | great for new and casual players

Welcome Wraeclast Wanderers, it's r4wb1rd again...


Another Tornado Shot build? Do we really need this? Yes. Why? Because every guide that I found so far work best if you have some exalts to spend to get decent gear. I play only some hours per week and I am trading when I can but what I find in my stash are Alterations, Jewelers, Fusings and Chaos. So here comes a build that works with just that.

To put it straight: This is not the most innovative build. Heck it's not even mine. Y0UR, Mathil, ZiggyD and many others created their own versions of Tshot and "my" version is not mine, it's a mixture of things I've seen and read about, as well as common sense.

The major difference lies in the cost. I think to have put together a very cheap build that you can easily play as a first character in a new league. It's beginner friendly and fun. It's not the most powerful and it's not meant to be. But it's extremely cheap and still allows you to clear 78 maps with decent speed and to get it out of the way: yes - you can kill Atziri with it. Here we go:

Build Synergies

"Clever use of game mechanics"

In PoE more often then not power comes by combining things that seem weak on it's own. Bear with me:

Tornado Shot is described as "Fire a piercing shot that travels until it reaches the targeted location. It will then fire projectiles out in all directions from that point." It should be noted that both the initial projectile as well as the 3 secondary projectiles are considered "arrows".

The unique Decimation Bow Infractem has a unique property that reads "Arrows always Pierce". It also has another property that reads "Cannot Leech".

The Greater Multiple Projectiles support gem provides "4 additional Projectiles" which will cause Tshot to spawn a total of 5 initial, always piercing Arrows which will explode at the cursor position, each spawning 3 Arrows (*5 = 15) for a grand total of 20 arrows on the screen per attack.

The notable passive "Spirit Void" grants "+2 Mana gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks". A 5-linked Tornado Shot costs 30 mana to fire. Even if only half of the 20 always piercing arrows hit something, you will almost have your mana back for this attack and this instantly (it is not leech!).

Tornado Shot does most wonders when fired at ~2/3rds into a pack.

Here's a more graphical representation with different versions of the skill and a generic pack of 10 mobs:

You can imagine how well this will work with more than 10 mobs or even more packs outside of the mob you're shooting into: you will hit a crap ton of targets :D

Infractem is very cheap since everybody is scared by the unability to leech, but the advantages outweigh the drawback in my opinion. You get good damage, extra accuracy (which is important for a crit build), movespeed (on a bow!) and a free gem. Having "Arrows always pierce" saves you a 20q pierce gem, 4 passive points and the extra exalts needed to invest into a 6l instead of a 5l.


This tree has a lot of ground to cover, so travelling will become annoying later on which is why I chose to travel first and pick the notables later. This means that all the good crit and accuracy stuff is picked after level 72 when you start mapping. But be assured, Tshot is strong enough in the early game to be played without 50% chance and 300% multi...

Leveling Process

32 Points (Normal) - Start with Attack Speed, then go through life and evasion, Finesse, Heart of Oak, Ballistic Mastery to Aspect of the Eagle, then travel south and back north to pick Spirit Void, Herbalism, Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics.

49 Points (Cruel) - Continue to the Shadow area, go through Blood Drinker, Quickness, Sniper, Coordination and Blood Siphon to Trickery.

70 Points (Merciless) - Travel to the Duelist area grabbing Thick Skin, Fury Bolts, Art of the Gladiator to Bravery. Then pick Golem's Blood to start running Blood Rage.

Late Game

88 Points - Pick Crit by King of the Hill and Lethality and more crit at Assassination going north to the last life cluster with Written in Blood.

97 Points Depth Perception, Heartseaker and Aquity provide even more Crit

110 Points (Level 90) - Finish the build by picking up Heavy Draw, Deadly Draw and Quickstep.

Here's a graphical representation of how the leveling process looks like:

Bandit Choices

Normal: Help Oak for the 40 base life
Cruel: Help Oak for 16% Increased Physical Damage
Merc: Help Alira for +1 Power Charge
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The nice thing about this character is that it plays well as a first character of a league since you will get almost all gems from quest rewards and the gem vendors. And for those you need to buy them from players, you will encounter gemcutters boxes and masters that sell gems and it is very, very likely that you find most of your gems for this build.

AOE Main skill progression setup

Preferred link colors: GGGRB

a) You start off with Burning Arrow and Poison Arrow, you don't need supports. But keep leveling Split Arrow all the way or Lightning Arrow, depending on your Curse on Hit preference. Lightning Arrow + LMP is also a decent option until TShot becomes available.

b) Once TShot is available (Level 28), try to get a 4L and run TShot + LMP + Added Fire + Physical Projectile Attack Damage

c) Once you get a 5L, add Increased Critical Damage

d) Once you get GMP, swap LMP for it

Other options for the 5th link are: Faster Attacks, Added Chaos, Blind, Culling Strike but they are all inferior to Crit Multi.

The final AOE Setup consists of GGGRB:
TShot + GMP + Phys Proj Attack Dmg + Added Fire + Increased Crit Dmg

All gems change the damage multiplicatively (GMP in a negative way), hence they work very, very well together. Things like added chaos, added lighning and so on seem nice, but they are additive and don't scale as well as the other gems do.

Single Target setup

Preferred link colors: GGBB or GGGGB
a) Puncture + Phys Proj Attack Dmg + Increased Crit Strikes + Increased Crit Dmg
b) Puncture + Phys Proj Attack Dmg + Point Blank + Increased Crit Dmg + Trap

Option b) is more expensive (you have to 5L your Infractem) but provides crazy, unreflectable damage! Both trap and point blank will scale the Puncture damage multiplicatively. It comes with a cost that you cannot shoot anymore and have to lay traps and against certain mobs (Arc!) this can be incredibly annoying - but the damage will be insane! Also bear in mind that added elemental damage does not scale Puncture, this gem only uses the raw physical damage for the bleed.

Auras and Buffs

Socket colors: G, R

Here again we want to use things that scale off physical damage and that is: Hatred and Herald of Ash. Hatred provides a lot of defensiveness since you will be chilling/freezing most mobs on crit. Herald of Ash on the other hand creates unreflectable overkill damage that is able to burn down rares easily: When a rare is surrounded by trash mobs, the overkill ignite of the trash is often enough to bring down the rare before you have to puncture it.

Hatred and Herald of Ash together don't leave a lot of mana unreserved so there's not more we can do.

Curse setup

Preferred link colors: GRBB or GGBB

I was using Split Arrow for applying curses and thanks to the 100% Pierce chance I was often able to curse two entire screens with one single attack. The setup is Split Arrow + Life gain on Hit + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark.

Reasoning behind the setup is: higher crit chance, higher crit multi (the crit damage from Assassin's mark scales multiplicatively with the characters crit multi!), life gain on kill and life gain on hit (from the gem). Although life gain on hit seems wasted it saved me quite often. Since we cannot leech, the Lgoh is our fallback if flasks are empty and when you encounter reflect. The curse on hit setup costs no mana, since you'll be getting everything back thanks to Revelry and your life will replenish quickly with a high level quality Lgoh.

Also you will be getting Power Charges on kill and you will be able to maintain them easily! This increses your crit chance even further and causes you to crit even with the Curse :) Thanks to Hatred this will freeze trash while applying the curse! Can it even be better?

Actually it can! The alternative GGBB setup would be Lighnting Arrow + GMP + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark. Now you will be shocking enenmies as well as freezing them. The shock will increase your overall damage again by 50% but you lose life gain on hit. Your choice^^

I stuck with the Split Arrow/Lgoh variant since I wanted to swap LgoH with Added Fire in my main attack on the fly without weapons swap. But you can of course as well do the swap or keep LgoH in your inventory.

Defensive Utility Setup

Preferred link colors: GR G G

A level 5 Cast when damage taken (R) can support a Level 10 Blood Rage (R) which gives us another 10% Attack speed and 25% chance to gain a Frenzy charge. This provides a considerable damage boost even so we can't leech back the life. The notable Golem's Blood counters the physical degen a bit and we can use Enduring Cry to regen back more life and reduce the degeneration effect by having Endurance Charges up.

The other two green sockets are for Blink Arrow, our mobility and escape skill and Summon Ice Golem. The golem on it self is very squishy without supports but it gives us the occasional crit and accuracy boost.

Missing Links (additional gems)

Preferred link colors: RR RR

In the missing piece of equipment we link Enduring Cry with Increased Duration and another Cast when Damage taken with Decoy Totem.

Quality Gems

If you are starting fresh then you won't have the option to use quality gems. If you have some spare currency or if you find a gemcutters box with quality, here's a list of gems for this build where quality is really good, medium good or not worth it. The order is from most to least important in my opinion:

Very usefull

Tornado Shot - 10% increased projectile damage (0.5 per 1% quality)

Phys Proj Attack Dmg - 10% increased projectile damage (0.5 per 1% quality)

Increased Critical Damage - 10% increased critical strike multiplier (0.5 per 1% quality) (20q0 = 69%)

Curse on Hit - 10% increased curse effectiveness (0.5 per 1% quality)

Blood Rage - 5% increased attack speed (0.25% per 1% quality)

^ these four scale all your damage directly!

Assassin's Mark - 10% increased chance to gain a power charge on kill (0.5 per 1% quality) - this helps with power charge uptime

LMP/GMP - 10% increased attack speed (0.5 per 1% quality)

Blink Arrow - 30% increased arrow speed (1.5 per 1% quality) - really helpful since you can travel faster

Increased Critical Strikes - 20% increased critical strike chance (1 per 1% quality)

Added Fire Damage - 15% increased fire damage (0.75 per 1% quality) (this only increases the fire damage you gained by Added Fire by 15%)

Herald of Ash - 15% increased fire damage (0.75 per 1% quality) (this only increases the fire damage you gained by HoA by 15%)

Lightning Arrow - 30% increased shock duration (1.5 per 1% quality)

Usefull but not mindblowing

Split Arrow - 10% increased attack speed (0.5 per 1% quality)

Puncture - 30% increased bleed duration (1.5 per 1% quality)

Life gain on Hit - 10 life gained on hit (0.5 per 1% quality)

Enduring Cry - 10% increased area radius (0.5 per 1% quality)

Increased Duration - 10% increased duration (0.5 per 1% quality) (20q0 = 64%)

Not usefull at all

Hatred = increased radius,
Cwdt = increased damage

As a note, this character was the first ever I reached level 20 gems with. But it required me to grind to around level 89 and some percent. It might even be more since I did an old 1000% increased experience Untainted Paradise with this toon in Rampage.

When I hit level 20 on all gems, I traded them for level 1 20q versions using the GCP recipe. It took like 2 73 maps to get them back to level 11, where my DPS started to be higher than it was before with level 20 0q. Quality on gems is amazing!

Gem picking

Almost all gems can be purchased at the gem vendors at some point. The only exceptions are Decoy Totem and Increased Duration.
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The following section is about general gearing advices. This build only requires one unique, the Infractem Decimation Bow for the sole purpose of being a budget build. I will however point out other uniques that are suitable for other slots but bear in mind that they usually cost multiple exalts.

The affix choices are my personal preference and ordered by importance in my point of view. Feel free to adjust this to your own playstyle and liking.


Infractem is available at level 53 (cost: 2-4c), until then you should equip bows with high physical damage and crit chance:

Preferred implicit: crit chance
- Increased Physical Damage
- Added Physical Damage
- Critical Strike Chance
- Accuracy
- Life/Mana gained on Hit/Kill
- Attack Speed

Attack speed is at the bottom of the list since you will be playing hit and run anyway. Better go for high damage instead.

Check out the wiki for crit chance bow tiers and equip a new bow whenever you are able to carry the next tier. Look at poe.trade and filter by pDPS, if you can find an upgrade for 1c get it, if not: craft your own IPD bow by vendoring the base bow, a blacksmiths whetstone and a rare rustic sash. This will give you 50-69% IPD. Augment this and carry it until your next upgrade.

Price note: A Harbinger Bow with a perfect implicit and the affixes above will beat Infractem by many miles. But while Infractem costs 2-4c and has "Arrows always pierce" which is a free 6th (or 7th) link. A Harbinger with comparable physical damage output will cost 20c upwards in the challenge leagues and 2ex upwards in Standard.


Preferred implicit: crit chance or +1 additional arrow from corruption
- Critical Strike Chance
- Accurracy
- Critical Strike Multiplier
- Life
- Ele Resists
- Chaos Resist
- Attributes (Str/Int in particular)

The quiver is the second most important damage source from your gear. Try to get your resists capped from other gear pieces so you can focus on damage with the quiver. A +1 additional arrow is a very rare corruption, so please don't use a Vaal Orb on your GG quiver unless you're having access to a second one. I've seen a particular streamer bricking 2 Drillnecks this way^^

Unique options: Asphyxias Wrath is a cheap option, it provides a lot of cold damage, freeze chance and curse spreading, together with cold resist and attack speed. I wouldn't buy it but if you find it (it's pretty common) it's not wrong to use it until you get a better rare quiver. The best in slot unique is of course a Drillneck but this will cost you around 6-8 exalts (which is not budget anymore in my oppinion).


Preferred implicit: IPD (Rustic Sash)
- Life
- Ele Resists
- Chaos Resist
- Weapon Elemental Damage
- Flask Recovery Rate
- Attributes (Str/Int in particular)

The belt is the third most important damage source from your gear and your endgame belt should have the perfect 24% IPD roll as implicit. Until then you can go with 20+ % while leveling. Belts are expensive on poe.trade so I suggest to save all your Alchemy Orbs and invest them into 20+% Rustic Sashes. If it's a good alch, wear the belt. If it's a bad one, use it for the IPD recipe for the leveling bows (see bow section).


Preferred implicit: Movement Speed (Assassin's Garb)
- Increased % evasion
- Flat evasion
- Life
- Ele Resists
- Chaos Resist
- Attributes (Str/Int in particular)

Since you won't be able to run Hatred and Grace you want as much evasion on your chestpiece as possible. This will probably be your most expensive item! There are three ways to get a good chest which are similar in price:

a) Buy a 6S 5L white, then use a transmute and alteration-spam it until you get satisfactory rolls, regal it and master craft the last mod. This will get you a 4-mod item with 3 mods of your choice, 2 of them can be T1 or T2 (from the alt spamming). Or spend 2ex to get the multimod from Elreon (you can find someone with a high level Elreon and pay him). Net cost will be ~10c - 3ex based on the number of alts you spam and depending whether or not you're using the Elreon multi-mod option.

b) Buy an unlinked rare with the correct affixes and 6S 5L it yourself via Vorici or fusing spamming. This will result in a net cost of 2-3ex worth of chaos and fusings, based on the current exchange rate.

c) Buy a 6S 5L rare with the correct affixes. This will cost you flat out 2-5ex, will be the fastes option but requires you to have pure exalts lying in your stash - since this is never the case for me I usually go with option a or b.

The reason to go 6S instead of 5S lies in the necessity of having an extra unlinked socket for Blink Arrow. If you have this socket in your bow instead, you can save currency and work with a 5S.

Unique Option: Lightning Coil. To get a 5L Coil you would have again to spend 8+ex which greatly exceeds my budget build standard. But it is unarguably the best in slot chest for any evasion based build (see archenemy section below). If you are going Coil, lightning resist on other gear pieces will become a number one priority.


Preferred base: Evasion (GGRR)
- Life
- Ele Resists
- Increased % evasion
- Flat evasion
- Chaos Resist
- Attributes (Str/Int in particular)

You can squeeze out a little more evasion rating from the helmet but you should focus on life and resists first. Use the Vorici recipe to get two guaranteed red sockets and use the helmet for your Auras and Buffs: Hatred + Herald of Ice + Herald of Ash and Reduced Mana.

Unique option: Rat's Nest. Nice damage and movement speed boost with the sacrifice of life and resists.


Preferred base: Evasion/ES (BBGR)
- Life
- Ele Resists
- Chaos Resist
- Accuracy
- Attack Speed
- Attributes (Str/Int in particular)

This will be your Curse on Hit setup and you will need 3 off colors if you chose a pure evasion pair of gloves which is why I recommend eva/ES gloves. Then put in Assassin's Mark, Curse on Hit, Split Arrow and Life Gain on Hit.

Alternatively you can also go GGBB and use Lightning Arrow, LMP/GMP, Curse on Hit, Assassin's Mark. Thanks to Infractem's piercing affix you will hit pretty much everything with it and when you crit you will also shock your opponents, further increasing your damage. The sacrifice you make is not being able to have Life Gain on Hit (which is a small sacrifice but it will be noticable!).

Unique option: Maligaro's Virtuosity. Crit chance, crit multi, attack speed. All the good stuff. Again you will be sacrificing life and resists, so check out if you can compensate this with your other gear pieces.


Preferred base: Armor or Armor/Evasion (RRRR)
- Life
- Ele Resists
- Movement Speed
- Chaos Resist
- Attributes (Str/Int in particular)

Movespeed is priority 3 on the boots since you will have a lot of movespeed from the tree already and another 10% from Infractem. I'm wearing 20% movespeed boots and I am faster than some characters using quicksilvers. I don't even use quicksilvers because I consider myself fast enough. As for the base, the boots will be your slot for Enduring Cry + Increased Duration, Cast when Damage taken + Decoy Totem. So you need 4 red sockets. You can try to roll this on Armor/Evasion boots but it will cost you some chromes. Don't try it on pure Evasion boots though ;)

Unique options: Haven't thought about it. Blood Dance are always nice since they give you faster frenzy charges but again you lose a lot of survivability.

Other Jewellery (Rings & Amulet)

- Life
- Ele Resists
- Chaos Resist
- Added physical damage
- Critical Strike Chance
- Critical Strike Multiplier
- Accuracy
- Attributes (Str/Int in particular)

Your jewellery should make up any gaps in resists and life that you have on your other gear pieces. You will notice that you need more GG jewelery when you're going for a unique heavy build: Using Drillneck, Maligaro's and Rat's Nest will brick three gear slots where you could get life and resists! While the uniques themselves are very expensive already, your jewellery will be even more expensive because you will have to look for trifecta T1 rolls to get resist capped. While a budget build with a good 5L rare chest and all rare items (except the bow) will cost you 20c - 3ex, the unique heavy build can quickly cost up to 20ex!

Unique options: Again, haven't thought about it.

Final notes about gear:

You noticed I'm not going full evasion gear and that has something to do with the socket color requirements. Chromatic Orbs are common but you will still spend hundreds to get the colors right for this build if you are using the item bases I suggested. If you wanna take the pure evasion route you will end up poor and cry about having spent all your currency in Chromes for nothing, so please be warned :D

However, you can of course switch the bases in the helmet, glove and boot slot. You found this really nice pure armor helmet with perfect stats? Great, use this for your CwdT setup and use Evasion boots instead of an Evasion helmet. Feel free to switch the bases of those three slots to your liking.

Ultimately you will have noticed, that "Attributes (Str/Int in particular)" appear on every item slot. This build gets enough Dex from the tree but it really, really struggles with Strengh and Intelligence. Whatever you can get from your items you should welcome! Str and Int are required for your gems in general (you need at least ~150 Str/Int at the end). Also, Strengh is effective HP and Int is mana and thus mana regeneration so it's never wasted.


This is a separate section from gear since flasks are incredibly important and need to have their own spot in this guide. Without the correct flasks this build is only half as good. The passive skill point choices make flasks even more powerfull so make constant use of them.

The flasks I'm using for leveling (meaning until I can equip Divine and Eternal flasks) are:

a) any Life Flask of Heat: to dispell freeze
b) any Life Flask of Staunching: to remove bleed
c) any Quicksilver of Warding: to dispell and be immune to curses
d) any Jade of Reflexes: to have evasion rating up as high as possible
e) any Bubbling Life Flask of Grounding: as instant heal and to dispell shocks

In the endgame setup I try to have 20% quality of the following:

a) Surgeons Eternal Life Flask of Heat: high, short duration heal, dispells freeze
b) Surgeons Divine Life Flask of Staunching: even higher, long duration heal, removes bleed
c) Surgeons Ruby/Topaz/Saphire/Amethyst Flask of Warding: situational curse removal
d) Surgeons Jade of Reflexes: to have evasion rating up as high as possible
e) Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Grounding: as instant heal and to dispell shocks

Thanks to crit and the surgeons mod you will gain charges even if you don't kill stuff (say in a longer boss fight). The flask effectiveness nodes from the tree make the heal rate almost instant, which is why I chose bubbling as my insta-pot instead of seething. Having twice the amount healed felt better while playing.
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This build is pretty tanky thanks to >60% Chance to evade unbuffed. With a Jade up you'll be close to 75+ %. This means reflect rares are not an issue and you are not your own enemy.

But if you encounter a thornsflesh reflect pack I encourage you to swap to your curse split arrow with the life gain on hit gem in it (told you it's useful!).

Elemental Reflect Maps and Double Reflect

Since you won't have 100% Jade uptime I advise to swap your added fire with Life Gain on Hit. You will then not notice the elemental reflect whatsoever. Life gain on hit is sooooo strong with this build!

Physical Reflect Maps and Double Reflect

Here it begins to hurt. Again swap added fire for lgoh but also swap Increased Crit Damage with Added Chaos. Slows down your clearspeed but doesen't prevent you running the map.

The Triple Reflect Dream: Ele + Phys Reflect Maps and Reflect Rares

Well, this hurts :D But again it doesn't kill you if you run the same setup as phys reflect maps and play carefully. Zana had this combo in her pockets more often that I liked it but I always survived.

Lightning Thorns

Honestly I don't have data on that one :( I don't know how good or bad this build can handle it because I didn't encounter it. I ran a lot of Promenades but never saw Lightning Thorns in action. The boss always died to quickly^^


As I stated in the reflect section the build is reasonably tanky and you will only get hit occasionally, rendering usually dangerous mobs like Devourers, Porcupine explosions, Rhoa/Shield chargers pretty harmless. The following mobs are very dangerous though:

a) Undying Evangelists - Their physical spell hurts! You have Phase Acro and 30% chance to dodge this stuff but if you encounter a pack of 3 or more you will get hit and hard! The thing about evasion builds is: you have close to 0 armor. Physical hits will hit very hard and will cause a pretty long stun. Make sure you have your pots ready against those dudes and try to kite as much as possible to avoid their spells.

b) Everything that uses EK - Same deal, this is a physical spell and you can't mitigate it apart from Phase Acro. The EK exile, the EK totem spawning exile and EK spiders should put you in highest alert condition. Kite and puncture to the win and try to never get hit.

c) Everything that uses bear traps - again, this is similar to a physical spell and pretty deadly. Luckily GMP Tornado Shot is pretty good at destroying traps.

Well, that's it! All the other mobs are a non issue. Devourers will never hit you. The colorful birds will never hit and slow you. Avian Retch corpse spitters will never hit you. Porcupine explosions will never hit you. Keep your Jade up and kite and you will always be safe.

Map Mods

tl;dr: This build can run anything :D

Longer version:

Blood magic
Turn off Hatred, run Herald of Ash on life and use Life gain on Hit instead of Added Fire. You will be surprised how well you get along :)

Phys Reflect
Swap Added Fire for Life gain on Hit and swap Crit Damage for Added Chaos and go for 100% Jade uptime and you'll be fine.

Ele Reflect
Swap Added Fire for Life gain on Hit and you'll be fine.

No regen
Take care to always fire into large packs and you will not have problems. Use auto attack if packs get smaller. Costs more time but is totally doable.

Half regen
I did not notice any difference to full regen :D

You will not notice it. All fractured mobs die instantly to either remaining arrows or the overkill damage effect of Herald of Ash.

Temporal Chains
Not dangerous but more annoying since everything is slow mo.

Not dangerous but more annoying. The loss in damage is not the problem but the loss in accuracy and crit multi is.

Dangerous and potentially lethal. Manageable if you pay attention. Stuns are the biggest threat since they last longer. Will be very dangerous if paired with physical spell casters.

Elemental Weakness
If you are properly overcapped you will be fine. If not: upgrade your gear!

Anything is ok. Exiles is perfect (more loot for fast kills), ranged monsters are easy because of Ondar's, undead can be annoying because of necromancers and demons can be dangerous because of physical spell casting Undying Evangelists.

Multiproj and chain
Who cares about projectiles :D ... only watch out for Mr. Evil (see map boss section)

Monster Life, Monster Resists
It just takes longer, that's all. Be happy if you roll lightning resist, since you don't deal lightning damage you won't notice it...

Ground effects
Burning and desecrated ground are not a problem and shocked ground can be kited. Ground ice can be annoying since it also slows down your attacks.

Poison on Hit
Depends on your chaos resistance. Be extra careful when fighting archenemies.

Yeah, more possible map drops :D

Map Bosses

tl;dr: This build can kill ALMOST any boss :D

Longer version (ordered by danger):

Jungle Valley
The only boss I skip. Ripped 3 times in Rampage to the adds (not the boss) even with an Amethyst flask because the rare adds rolled accurate, subphys, crit damage, haste. You have a very hard time as an evasion char without perma immortal call :( It's fine as long as you can shoot but if you get stunned only once for >0.5s it's over...

kite, kite, kite, puncture, kite :D

Palace and Residence Dominus
Kite, kite, kite, puncture, kite - second phase: stand still, face tank, pot. Residence Dominus has no second phase and is even killable with double boss blood magic - but it takes time^^

Shock and Horror
Always interesting but I never died to this beast (killed her 10+ times, even with double boss temp chains). The totems are more dangerous than her. Use a Topaz or two for this one!

Merveil aka "Mr. Evil"
Ok in graveyard, deadly in Necropolis. The only boss where I swap my flasks to multiple "of heat" to prevent deaths to freezes. Did her once with GMP chain and will never do this again :D

Everything else: Hit and run, nothing is too dangerous and dies pretty quickly.

Video URLs

The End?

If you read this far: congratulations! This was a lot of ground to cover. It was certainly as fun to put this guide together as it was playing it. I will continue to work on this guide whenever new patches hit that will affect the build in any way.

If you want to see similar budget builds and PoE content, please check out my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/r4wb1rdGaming/videos

If you want to see me playing live, head over to http://www.twitch.tv/r4wb1rd and hit the follow button to get notify when I'm going live. I'm a casual player, so don't expect me playing 8h a day, although I wish to do so ;)

Stay safe, exiles!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this build HC viable

Yes it is. I played it in Rampage but always had survivability in mind.

Why u no LMP, LMP such damage numbers, much wow!

LMP provides more damage but overall the clear speed goes down, because you're only having 12 projectiles instead of 20. It is way better for single target shotgunning and as a matter of fact I swapped to LMP when I was fighting Atziri but for general mapping, GMP feels stronger and faster.

Why u no rare gg Harbinger bow, Infractem is shit!

Mostly for budget reasons. I want to keep this build as affordable as possible. I know a gg Harbinger is superior but it also costs exalts and requires a different skill tree (pierce nodes).

Why u no take Blood Drinker and Mind Drinker, such leech, much wow!

Infractem prevents leech, which is why I took Spirit Void instead for on hit effects. Works perfectly fine.

Can you show your gear?

Sure, it's nothing special, some might even say "No t1 rolls, vendor trash" but this gear carried me all the way to and through 78 maps and Atziri. At level 90 (and in standard) I switched to Maligaros and Drillneck for the lolz, but this build works perfectly fine without it:

### r4wb1rd ###
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/r4wb1rd
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/r4wb1rdGaming/
Babel PoE: https://github.com/rowolff/babel-poe/releases
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Content wise it's done. Todos are formatting, images and adding more FAQ items.
### r4wb1rd ###
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/r4wb1rd
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/r4wb1rdGaming/
Babel PoE: https://github.com/rowolff/babel-poe/releases
Best guide ever, thanks. It should be really good for self-found and starting players.
Thanks so much, very good guide!
Really well written build!

i love your formatting too, what critical rate do you consider acceptable?
While crit builds should always aim for the 95% crit chance this will be expensive :D

I am playing with 47% crit chance with 4 power charges up. This sounds low but it works well for me.
### r4wb1rd ###
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/r4wb1rd
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/r4wb1rdGaming/
Babel PoE: https://github.com/rowolff/babel-poe/releases
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