Let's talk about PvP

TreeOfDead wrote:
Finally we can block EA and DD!
Good buff for some builds and fair PvP

Good luck blocking that with the spell block nerf
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We already had fog of war (kinda) in Sarn instances.

Who was the 1000 hours guy that thought removing dispalying other players on the minimap in Sarn was a good idea?

Because it's obvious he has never entered the arena.

@that guy: you can shove those poet's pen deep up your ass. We all know that's why you proposed this.
talk about pvp?


95% of times I can sit in the queue and nothing will ever happen. the capture the flag achievement is my highest rated on truesteamachievements because entering ctf worked ONCE in my entire playtime (since open beta!) the rare cases when pvp does actually work I'm pitted against guys way higher level than me, and sometimes like last time I tried the same guy over and over!!! doing a leo daily is next to impossible and ggg are completely aware of this since leo is always exempt from challenges and achievements (you only need to level 7 out of 8 masters)!
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
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The biggest problem with PvP is lack of reward. There is no incentive what I can see. One way to make it better, is to allow potential competitors to bet equipment against one another. Like a special chest, there PvPiers can deposit gear, before the match, and who ever wins, gets to keep his bet, and claim the bet of the loosing side. Would make it more worthwhile. Although, generally, PvP is just not really fun in this game.
Just posting a thread that i made some time ago. It is about making an open PvP like it was in D2. It was insanely fun and kept people playing the game once they crushed the whole content over and over with the best gear. If only PoE could have something similar, i (and many other people i'm sure) would spend so much time playing this game.

My hideout thread : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2542497
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Lack of a developed PvP scene is my biggest disappointment with this wonderful game. It was the best part of D2, and I think it would be entirely feasible for GGG to expand on and refine what they already have in place. Balance and accessibility could make it a much more enriching addition to PoE!
Just remove PvP and switch development resources to the actual game.
its pve game

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