[3.13] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner friendly Lightning Caster

Wrath now adds 15% more Lightning Damage with Spells. That's a lot, any way to use that?
Thanks for the guide, btw ^_^
Vankesidi wrote:
Wrath now adds 15% more Lightning Damage with Spells. That's a lot, any way to use that?
Thanks for the guide, btw ^_^

I've tried to incorporate the new Wrath, but even with Enlighten, Sovereignty and Alpha's Howl it just reserved too much of our MoM buffer. It does add a good amount of damage compared to HoT, but not enough to justify investing into more reduced reservation nodes.
One thing i will try in Warbands is dropping AA and HoT and run Wrath instead, it did work in Standard but i wanna test this a bit more with lower end gear.


I'll work on updating the guide further now. Passive tree will stay the same, gem configuration changes slightly. Will also expand the gear section heavily. Stay tuned!
so im new to the game and i was focusing on this part of your post

I recommend to use Freezing Pulse until normal Merveil, then switch to Firestorm in a 3L +1 Fire gem wand/sceptre (Recipe: Magic Wand/Sceptre + Ruby ring + 1x Alteration).

i just killed merveil on normal and i already have firestorm, but since im new to the game i dont know this games specific abbreviations for things, "3L +1 fire gem wand" i assume means a wand with 3 blue sockets all linked together? and +1 fire gem meaning the stat that says +1 levels to fire skills socketed in the item?

assuming im correct in thinking thats what it means my problem is with the recipe you mention to make one. i have a wand that fits that except its only 2 blue links instead of 3, i thought maybe i could use that as the wand for the recipe you have listed so i put it, a ruby ring and orb of alteration in a vendor window, but it wasnt showing i would get the proper wand back, so either one of my materials is wrong or you dont actually craft items by selling specific combos to the vendor like i was told by someone else

i dont know anything about this game so my question is pretty pleb tier, but help would be cool.

EDIT: i think i figured out my problem, a "magic" wand for the recipe means specifically a blue one, where as the one i was trying to use is yellow
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@Livewire: Correct! The wand has to be magic (blue) for the recipe to work. After using the recipe, you can also enhance the wand with an Orb of Augmentation, which in best case would add cast speed.

The wand doesn't necessarily have to have three linked blue sockets while using the recipe, you could change that with Jewelers, Fusings and Chromatics afterwards (all orbs/currency), but that's kind of a waste because 3-linked wands are quite easy to find on vendors.
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hi , i read your build and i liked it .
i wanted to ask if i can get into Voltaxic Arc for endgame , cause lets face it , reflect is the most annoying thing for a high dps char and the voltaxic + the thing that lets you not take choas is usefull alot .
and i said end game cause its reaaaly exp. its just an idea .
btw can i not take aa cause with the new patch I've disliked it way more since i like kiting around enemys and it doesnt allow me to as much as before so if i wanted to drop it , what gem is good ?
Hey I really like your guide. Level 51 so far right now and it's working really smooth. Especially the firestorm until level 50 tip was pure gold.

I was just reading your 123pts tree and I asked myself:

Why don't you put points into crackling speed (ok 4 pts is kind of a lot) but the more obvs. into lightning walker? I mean two points and it is really near. Also adds 15% light res.

gl hf ;)
Help please, I can't view any of the equipment for your build :(
ZodiacLeo wrote:
Help please, I can't view any of the equipment for your build :(

cuz he didn't post yet
Any1 can post mf gear setup for that build?
Yeah, I want follow your build man, post eq items please :) Im so tired of melee builds, time to arc crit witch!

Ty for such a good in-depth guide!

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