Recap of BotW/HotW Episodes and 1.3.0 Skill Tree Teaser

Build of the Week Season 3

Hideout of the Week Season 1

The next Season of both will start later this year once 1.3.0 is released.

I'd like to thank Carl, Mark and Dan for their help preparing these episodes.
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Wow that's troll.

Interesting duelist revamp as I think its currently pretty solid although I'm excited either way.

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awesome! teasers already!
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in there like swim wear
Hype for teasers!
I like the teasers!
Very nice, but Mathil's Fake Mjolner deserved BotW a lot!

IMO, Three Dragons Damage-over-time Ranger was the build of the season.
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Templar (1st pic) and Duelist most likely. Going to be fun.
wow! dullest and Templar tree changes!!!! HYPE!
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