[Elïte] Elite Pack // Temp League Only // Discord Required // Recruiting 4 Metamorph

*Crest created by Aurquonn

Greetings exiles! We're an old guild that's always looking for new faces! If you're an active PoE player and need a home for Metamorph, then consider us!

Update: December 13, 2019

Inactives purged. Seeking active players to join us in game for Metamorph!

If you're interested in joining, leave a comment on our recruit thread. An officer will reach out to you with a link to our discord and confirm a level 90 character.

This guild is a carry over from a very old game called DarkThrone, where I was the War General at the time. I resurrected the guild back in the Rampage League. The focus of this guild is to play new softcore temp leagues. Between temp leagues you're free to do whatever. We have members focused on varying aspects of the game including: level 100, end game crafting, bossing, MFing, 36 challenges. We don't focus on one aspect, but we do try and help each other when possible!

- New Requirement: you must have one level 90 character in standard. I need to be able to verify this via public character section or via in game communication.
- You MUST register on our discord, no exceptions.
- Accept the Wideswing as the most OP item in the game.

We've tried to create varying responsibilities for officers. Below you can check out our current officers, and you can check out positions we'd like to fill.

Right Hand
The Right Hand are the active and trusted members who have worked their way up the ranks to become the most trusted members in the guild. They are the co-leaders of the guild, and first in line for becoming leader in the event of the leader stepping down.
Current Right Hand

War General
The War General's are trusted members of the guild. They act as the council to the Leader and Right Hand. They are often the most active members ingame and on Discord.
Current War Generals

Events Coordinator
The EC is in charge of creating weekly guild events. They assist the Leader in designing and running weekly events to promote a fun atmosphere!
Seeking events coordinators!

The SRS is in charge of maintaining a google doc template of the guild recruit thread to be updated on a regular basis. Constant promotions, donations and weekly events will need to be reflected in the forum recruit thread. They also are in charge of outside recruit threads, and updating member status on the Discord.
Seeking applicants!

The SQM is in charge of maintaining a clean guild stash. They will provide feedback on current guild stash tab order. They will determine if there needs to be a change in tab order for future leagues, as well as if tabs need to be unlocked or locked. It will be the discretion of the SQM if we will maintain a guild stash log through google docs.
Current SQM

Senior Communications Officer
The SCO is in charge of graphic design, video editing, recording, video intro templates, etc. The SCO will assist in maintaining a well themed recruit thread, with catchy graphic design artwork. We are also in need of an SCO to be in charge of recording guild events to upload to youtube.
Current SCO

Hall of Fame
For past members and officers who had a lasting impact on the guild.
Hall of Fame Inductees
Daegoon - OG who brought in many of our best and active players. Mike, please stop playing dota and pubg, and come back to PoE!
truesob - We miss your grumpy butt. You were always a pain to deal with on TS, but you also always called people on their BS. Miss you buddy.
youmadyo - 70,000 beyond demons. RIP Exorcyst.

On my command, unleash hell.
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We occasionally do some different kinds of giveaways for members. This can be random drawings, competitions, etc. We've been able to give away hundreds of exalts, free items, and other really awesome prizes.

Holiday Giveaway #1 : 12/14
Winner: Kara_Bop

St. Patricks Day Giveaway : 3/15
Winner: Degithelion

Random Giveaway! : 12/15

Christmas Giveaway! : 12/15

Hideout Contest Giveaway! : 12/15

Hideout Contest Giveaway! : 12/15

SSF HC Race to Golden Hand in Crypt A2 : 2017
1. Scisco
2. Icedecknight
3. Truesob
4. NineJuanJuan

Pet Races and Roulette: Aug 2017
~75 chaos gambled, 1 exalt given out

Our hall of fame for the awesome members who have donated points to buy member slots and guild stash tabs! :)

200 from scisco
3000 from Darkfyre
5 from Krazzyhick
50 from scisco
5 from Bishop2007
50 from MajinVejito
30 from Fireball52
40 from wowow2264
90 from SlayerJabo
100 from MajinVejito
5 from wowow2264
50 from Fireball52
50 from scisco
100 from MajinVejito
21 from Daegoon

If you're interested in joining, leave a comment on our recruit thread. An officer will reach out to you with a link to our discord and confirm a level 90 character.
On my command, unleash hell.
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If you're a laid back person, feel free to give me a whisper for an invite. I'm aiming for a laid back group of people to start out the new league with! Join, have fun, be active, take any crap talk with a grain of salt. Elite Pack!
On my command, unleash hell.
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Looking for a guild for 1.3?! We could be the guild for you! We don't require voice chat, and it's pretty laid back. If you're interested in joining send me a pm or whisper in game.
On my command, unleash hell.
Planning on playing softcore temp league for 1.3? Join us! :D
On my command, unleash hell.
Join Elite Pack! :D
On my command, unleash hell.
shoot me an invite ign: lefthookjab
Ask for an invite! :D
On my command, unleash hell.

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