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Apologies about the recent downtime: to be clear, one of the services has crashed during the worst possible time and between me not being around to restart it cleanly, a bug in another service sending it down and indexers being very slow to resync the database it took very long to catch up with the stash API. It's been brought back up since then and I've introduced safety checks to ensure this issue does not happen in the future.
Would love to see these:

Better stats regarding prefixes and suffixes, many times poe.trade will not know if its a prefix or a suffx.

Searching for 1 open suffix or 1 open prefix.

Search for "Any weapon", now its only possible to search for one handed weapons, bows, two handed weapons, but lets say I want to search for "all weapons" with veiled mods on them.
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I am using poe trade all the time, thanks for great product.

But I am experiencing an annoying issue with it. I sold an item 3 weeks ago (Corpse nail coral ring), but I still receive the buying requests. I don't know how to solve that.
Any advice?

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Searching 'Cortex' doesn't show un-identified versions of the map that are for sale.
Searching 'Cortex' doesn't show un-identified versions of the map that are for sale.
there is an option which you need to tick on/off in order to search for identified/unidentified items
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Cannot search for any annointed amulets for some reason, I know it worked before because I got my cleaving amulet from poe trade, but it doesn't work now, the option in mods just isn't there.
Hi, how to use it on ps4 standard league? I recaive info that "Nothing was found. Try widening your search criteria."
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Bug report,

I am posting EX to buy delirium orbs like "~price 50 jewellers-delirium-orb".

However, it shows people can buy my ex with 50 jeweler orbs.

This link shows that if people search for exalted orb in item_tab, it will show the wrong price

Please fix this and stop the guys from bothering me.

Thank you!

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Can I edit my self with something that I don't wanna show in poe.trade website when it can be searched in the official one. It's really bad to be whispered by newbies all the time
-Ability to search by open prefix/suffix (You cant say its impossible in 2020 while other trade sites already have it)
-Search by map quantity
-Multiple new scarabs that we cant search for
-Collected timeless set, all 5 of them, just like an entire shaper set
-Disable or search for Quality from catalysts on rings/belts etc.
-Entry in "Manage your shop" for buying catalysts from other people.
-Entry in "Manage your shop" for buying legion scarabs, cant find them.
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