1.2.0 Launch Day Serverside Hotfix

The following changes will apply automatically to new areas you enter. You don’t need to restart your client.
  • Improved Merveil’s AI.
  • Fixed a crash related to Vagan in hideouts.
  • Fixed a crash related to Elreon missions.
  • Fixed the ability to craft an invalid item.
  • Fixed numerous small problems with masters and their missions.

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Looks nice! Having a blast!
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Did you fix the Arctic Armor balance issue?

Mana regen was nerfed across the board (clarity, regen nodes). This was supposedly balanced by lower mana costs for gems. However, Arctic Armor's mana drain wasn't balanced for these changes - making it almost impossible to run.

Could you please fix this (or state that this was an intentional state of AA).

Last edited by sherkhan on Aug 21, 2014, 12:33:27 AM
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quick fixes got to love it! carry on the great work!
wow 1st page - having a fab time too - loving Rampage - its fabulous fun
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The nerf to shadow builds is insane. I lost 1.3k HP just from the tree change and if i don't want to break my build completely i can't take any more hp nodes. I don't get why it is necessery to nerf HP even more..
Glad to see they resolved some of the masters issues so quickly.

Friends were getting pissed being unable to play.
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Thanks Chris! 2797098
What about the Black Cat Pet? MY CAT NEEDS TO MEOW AGAIN! ):
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