SorakPoE wrote:
Question about Righteous Fire (post 1.2.0):

Suppose your cast an Aura linked to the Blood Magic support gem to go the low-life, and you have Redbeak equipped. You then cast RF. RF would then get the benefit of 100% increased damage.

If you then un-cast the Aura, such that you are no longer low life, does the RF damage scale accordingly? You are not changing any equipment, gems, or passives, so it does not meet the damage recalculation conditions that I think you mentioned in the OP.
Yes. Low life -> not low life is another form of stat change, equivalent to changing gear or passives. It was not explicitly called out in the article for sake of simplicity. Low life bonuses will only apply so long as you're on low life.
KoTao wrote:
Might want to take another look at tempest shields many self-disable bugs/issues too. It still turns off at seemingly random zone transitions
It will turn of if you transition without enough current mana to recast the skill on entry to the new area. This is fixed in 1.2.0 by a separate change to how percentages are handled on reservations, along with some other issues.
KoTao wrote:
turns off when it levels, will sometimes turn off in some gear pieces if other gems in that gear piece level, and is extremely clunky to use in a build with an alt weapon/shield swap as swapping also turns it off.
It must disable if your shield is unequipped. The changes in 1.2.0 to snapshotting however change it from actively watching and disabling as soon as the shield goes away to having a "blind spot" until gear modifications are finished - so it will no longer disable for levelling a gem in the shield (which temporarily unequips and re-equips the shield as part of the process). I believe this will also allow it to weapon swap between two sets if both have shields, but I haven't tested this specifically - I'll test now and report back.
Mark_GGG wrote:
Also, has anyone compared the ability to use a shield on NA with the Grasp to help with survivablity over Chabber? The balance guys brought this up as something that might be missed when I mentioned this.

Thanks for the useful feedback and discussion, let's keep it coming.

NA with a shield would probably give similar survivability as far EHP goes. However using Mon'tregul's Grasp, you're going to be losing a lot of damage and other targets for monsters to attack (both of with substantially increase survivability of both your summons and your actual character.)
as it currently stands, grasp's 4 zombies will be vastly inferior to 8-11 zombies.

500 health on top of 3,000 (a base lvl22) isn't all that much. when minion life gems/etc are taken into consideration, the net gain of grasp is about 15% life increase.

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robmafia wrote:
Mark_GGG wrote:
robmafia wrote:
that's... my point? how/why are the gems gaining experience if you're saying the items are unequipped?
Because the rules for gem xp say that gems gain XP if they're either in an equipped item or in one of the inactive weapon set items.

i get that, i asked WHY it's that way. it doesn't appear to make any sense.
Sorry, missed this one before.
The reason for this has nothing to do with the items being mechanically equipped, and everything to do with us a) wanting to let people have some space to level gems that they're not actively using, and b) wanting not to penalise characters who genuinely use weapon swap - while only one set of items is equipped at any given time, such a character, overall, can be considered to be using all the gems (just not all at the same time), so it's more fair if they all gain expereince.
Veruski wrote:
What if I do something like cast Poison Arrow, then swap my weapon? What happens with the cloud damage?
The cloud damage isn't dependant on your weapon, and will function as normal.
If you change items with damage modifiers that affect the cloud, these are currently still locked in, similar to how I explained curses earlier. As I said there, we can potentially extend this system to other skills should it prove necessary.
If you change to a non-bow weapon while the arrow is in the air, it will fail to hit anything, rather than hitting and dealing non-bow damage, but that's not part of this change - it already does that.
Promo1987 wrote:
Since a lot of current builds will get 'broken', I am going to assume a full respec is in order?
1.2.0, like our other major expansions, will include a one-time optional full passive reset. That's part of why 1.2.0 is a good time to release this change, since this will be occuring then.
i wonder whats going to happen to Mon'tre'gul. i imagine it being like 2 chaos on xyz the day after snapshotting is removed.

Im going to miss my summoner.
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This is really the wrong thread for this, but:

Can skeletons please gain movement speed per level? Please? PRETTY PLEASE?

Either that or make Minion Speed give attack and cast speed or something?
robmafia wrote:
Mark_GGG wrote:
Weapons in the unused weapon set are not active. None of their modifiers are in effect. If you were able to keep their benefit in effect when they were switched out to the inactive set, that would by definition be snapshotting. You've made the weapon inactive - it's modifiers aren't applying - but you've still kept the benefit of said modifier. That's snapshotting.

how is it snapshotting? by the definition of it posted in the first post, it's NOT snapshotting.

"Snapshotting currently allows players to obtain the benefits of one set of items, passives or gems by casting a skill that locks them in (by taking a snapshot of their character with all those things active), then swapping to another configuration so that they have both sets of benefits"

literally nothing's swapped. same gear, same gems.

again, i don't understand why there are 2 weapon/shield slots if we're going to be penalized for using them sometimes .

+1 For my Searing Touch RF Mara... he NEVER removes any gear, gems or items... he just uses his alt tab for casting RF...

That should be allowed.... otherwise just get rid of the 2 weapon slot!
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19/20 zombies raised in one of
with mont / level 1 empower/19 minion life and minion dmg = 12k HP, yeah they tank things but hit like girls/ 4 wont be enough after the fix.

if we add the shield that give 100+ extra life with NA - nice but still, enemies don't only target minions and I tend to encounter more spell caster mobs in maps so spell block is more ideal for them I think.

buff the nodes we have now to add more dmg/life leech (we don't have many points to experiment)

add a minion node for 5% chance to blind/1% of dmg leeched as life. put it after NA so people who want Minion instability can still have it proc..people who want minions to survive can make it easier

add a cluster of 3 'cast speed while raising' nodes after Minion instability. 5/10% each

add a super node - 40% to ele res/40% to chaos res/100 to life/50 to mana/ALL stats from equiped items apply to minions instead of yourself/ deal no dmg

i also think it's really stupid that we can't summon spectres with individual support gems, anymore.

ie: if using a 4-link with RS, minion life, minion damage, and one extra slot... i can't have 2 ranged spectres with gmp and an evangelist with culling strike, now they'll all be whatever the 4th gem is. ie: all would be either GMP or inc. dur, whichever happens to be equipped not at the time of summoning, but the time of play.

this drastically limits diversity. now we might as well all run 3-4 of the same spectre type, there's no reason to mix it up.

ie: all of my spectres will need to be ranged or evangelists or melee - mixing it up only mitigates any advantage (gmp does nothing for evangelists, multistrike does nothing for non-melee, inc dur does nothing for most, etc).

tl;dr - summoners won't just be nerfed, they'll be boring as hell.
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