The first craftable rarity implicit belt (Golden Obi)



Corrupt Demigod's Bounty, Golden Obi until I have 5 rares.
Vendor 5 rare Golden Obis to get an uncorrupted rare Golden Obi.

Itemlevel 100.

Took 16 corrupted belts.

Currently have 4 stats, working on eternal exalting
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Looks awesome, all the very best! Looking forward to your craft updates!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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That's pretty crazy, clever that you thought of it.

Don't the demigod gloves have a life implicit? O.O
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Vary nice start. :D
If a Mirror of Kalandra ever drops for me; could I by chance get a copy of it? ^_^

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Awesome :D

Keep us updated, I would love to see how that beauty ends up :)
Wanna see more of this.

Nice job!
No updates yet, son i am disappoint.
I had a similar idea for crafting a two hander. Hence why I am buying up all those alt-art shiverstings. Worst thing that can up is that nothing happens when I vaal them.

If it stays unique but gets a cool implicit mod: win !
If it turns rare: could be a bloody good rare. Anyway added to the ilvl 100 sword recipe.
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very cool idea!

I wish you all the luck.
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whoismiked wrote:
No updates yet, son i am disappoint.

We want updates! :D

How's the belt coming along?

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