Pick the deals for Saturday's Marathon Sale!

On Saturday (starting at midnight PST) we'll be running our first ever 24 hour Marathon Sale! A different microtransaction will be discounted by 50% every hour. The trick (and fun) behind the promotion is that you don't know what's on sale in what slots, so you can check the sales hourly to possibly grab amazing deals on microtransactions you've been waiting for. We'll spread the effects out among different timezones so that everyone has a good chance to grab something awesome. Rather than picking the schedule of effects ourselves, we'd like to put you in control - tell us what effects you'd like to see discounted by 50% and we'll get to work building a list of the popular ones!

Because of the deep 50% discount, we don't plan to apply it to stash tab bundles or any of the 1.1.4 microtransactions from last week, but there are hundreds of other popular ones to pick from. Based on community feedback, we'll assemble a schedule of the 24 microtransactions that will be discounted on Saturday.

If this sale goes well, we'll try to add more formal support for voting on effects that people would like to be put on special.
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Man if the lightning scorpion went 50% off. holy crap
IGN: @Sleepless
ayy lmao.
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First page hype?

Looks really interesting guys :O

EDIT: Tiki totem skin :D
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Yep, just follow through with your name and you won't miss any!
Every fucking time, put on probation for "Antagonistic comments". Speaking the truth but mods don't give a fuck.
first page? gimme dem banana mtx :3
Brilliant Feathers

Because it has never been on sale.
IGN: Bobolobo
What a bummer no 50% reduction on stash tab bundle... Maybe 50% in single ones? You never see those on sale.
SSS (staff, static strike) /1156355
Elementalist (wand, hoa) /1096140
Great Balls of Fire (srs) /989279; Thick Stick (wand, phys) /931658
Just the Tip (dagger, st) /658018; Shock Sticker (lightning strike, ll no shavs) /531580
The burning and arctic skull helm replacements! And yes, Tiki + Olmec totem! :D

IGN: DrSeussie_HordesOfMorte
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Yey! 50% on the anger, wrath and hatred aura skulls :D
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