Unique item dropped...[Tornado wand Crash/Disappear Bug].


Today i caught a unique item named 'tornado wand' - if i read correctly.

But after identified it, i was disconnected. i saw the mods very quickly.

When i returned the wand disappeared.

Can help me about this problem?

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Sounds like you suffered a small rollback from the disconnection.

Unfortunately these things happen, and there is a zero-restore policy for items and characters. So while I'm sorry you lost your item, I'm also sorry that there isn't much that can be done about it.

Better luck next time. Sorry for your loss.

Good luck.
We're looking into this now.
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happened to me too :*(
Some information about this problem?
Chua86 wrote:
Some information about this problem?

The server periodically saves your progress, if the game crashes before the server saved your progress then you will be rolled back to when the server last performed a save, which in this case was before you picked up the Unique Item.
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Chua86 wrote:
Some information about this problem?

The info on this specific problem is in patch notes, was fixed with a hot fix i believe.

Don't confuse that with the DC and loosing items being fixed though, that'll happen for a long time to come as it's just the way the game works atm.
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