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Item Rarity affecting Map Drops?

I've noticed a few threads about people struggling to replenish their map pool lately, and I totally agree. Originally I made it up to high 70's no problem, but in the last few weeks I'm down to 72's and the occasional 73.

One thing I did change recently is I added an additional 100% item rarity, so I'm up to:

70% IIQ / 236% IIR

Is it possible that it's my high item rarity that's giving me less map drops? Or would they drop at the same rate, but more of them would be blue and yellows? I'm trying to figure out why no maps are dropping for me, other then shitty RNG.

I'm asking because I could add another Andvarius to my character and take IIR to 300%. Right now maps are everything to me though, so I don't want to reduce my chances of drops.

Character mf does not affect map drops
I see, so it's all just me getting fucked on RNG? Man I hate buying maps...
You increase MF, so you get better loot and can spend more rerolling maps/buying them
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