Is arctic armor a waste for my character

I am running a Lvl 84 CI summoner with 4 auras and a L18 arctic armour.

While AA has a nice benefit against certain mobs, i am wondering whether it's a bit of a waste because of the number of mana regen and mana increase passives I need plus ensuring gears have sufficient mana regen. And because it really doesn't do much against the majority of mobs and some monsters just whack my character with so much damage (looking at you avian retches!), the AA benefit is negligible.

And despite all this, not sure I will be able to maintain it at Lvl 20.

Due to being self found and the above, my ES is only around 4.6K with Discipline aura. Reallocating mana passives to increased ES passives and not needing to use gear with mana regen that might have lower ES would allow me to increase my ES quite a bit...could perhaps also take some ES cooldown reduction passives.

Wondering what others think?
It's a common misconception about AA that you need to be able to maintain the 'when moving' cost 24/7. You don't, because you are not moving all the time, and you can turn it off when you are out of the firing line. I'd say if you can manage around double the 'standing still' cost (after you've subtracted however much you need for your offensive attacks/spells), you're good to go, and even with less mana regen than that, it will be useful to toggle on and off in short bursts.
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Thanks, yeah I don't maintain the AA constantly even now...L18 probably lasts about 6s or so atm before turning off. And being a summoner I generally don't move much during combat.

But I think if I lose even just one mana regen passive (I only have the LARGE ones chosen)or a mana regen piece of gear (again all of them are 50% regen or more),it would have a huge impact on the AA length. And that's only one piece/passive which wouldn't give much benefit to ES.

So question is more along the lines of whether I should forget AA completely to get a much bigger ES, rather than whether I can run AA shorter time for a small increase in ES.

I'd say high-level AA is not worth sacrificing many hitpoints (life/ES) for unless you have a fair amount of armour to back it up (giving immunity to all small physical hits). A medium-level and/or unsustainable AA is fine as an emergency defence against Voidbearers and the like.
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Cheers, yeah I'll try and do some (probably incorrect) calcs about how much extra ES I can achieve, then make a choice.
keep in mind if u use inner force to buff AA, it also buffs the mana cost (costs more per sec)
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I always wondered how viable it would be to put a max level AA gem in that unique unset ring and only use lightning warp or leap slam for movement.

It would mean insane defence, but I wonder if you can have a desync-free existence, or if the extra effort moving would require would really be worth it.
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high level AA is Eldrich Battery territory

as CI you can only rely on mana regen and that route is.. crazy difficult way to sustain 18+ AA

remember that your mana/s is made by 3 (in this case. 4, normally) factors:

- flat mana (from gear, bonus from INT)
- mana %
- mana regen %
+ (reduced mana cost, but AA has no 'cost' so this does not apply)

use ALL THREE, not heavily invest into one. these 3 are multiplicative by design and just as math teaches us that, getting mid-point in all three is much better than one MAX and two MINs

btw - lightning Warp + AA == it works. but it is tedious and LW can fail you (Desync)
I know that as a summoner you don't have many free gem slots, but as Sid pointed out; lightning warp with decreased duration and faster casting is the way to go. Just move in small warps, not long.
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Hi Sid

Yeah I think you are right, that a high lvl AA is too hard for a CI character with self found ES gear. Jsut occurred to me that getting rid of the AA, or just using a lower level one would not only allow me to focus more on increasing my ES, but also will enable me to run another aura because I'd no longer need need clarity so could use another aura and still be able to case summon zombie because no longer need clarity.

I might wait till I get the AA to Lvl 20, then max quality it to get the full increased movement speed and lvl it to a less mana intensive number and use it for specific situations such as Poorjoys.

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