Possible fps stutter fix for ATI cards.

So a few days ago I made a post about getting shit fps and set out to find a solution. I don't know if this will work for your computer or not, but it really improved my performance playing PoE.

**WARNING** Don't blame me if you screw around with other settings in RadeonPro like the overclocking tab.

I'm using a I7 laptop with a Radeon HD 7670M.

Download RadeonPro (google it)
Install RadeonPro
Add PoE client (not the updater) and after you input correct settings right click the profile and hit Play.

NOTE: You should probabaly use the updater to check for updates then launch PoE through RadeonPro.

RadeonPro settings. NOTE: I have 8 core cpu and IDK why but im getting better performance on games using 1-4 cores.

Fps meter in party @ docks had so much lag before. This group had a molting lava thingy person and a discharger was a lot better performance!

After using heavy strike. (Look at fps meter) 1920x1080
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