Just got a level 20 Life Leech gem. Worth to 20%

Just not sure if the increased Leech rate is a big deal. Thoughts?
It's quite a big deal as long as you are doing enough damage to leech continuously in combat.

By contrast, the actual leech percentage becomes less important the more damage you deal.

This is assuming you don't have Vaal Pact or some other kind of instant leech mod, of course. With VP, quality is completely irrelevant and the percentage is all that matters.
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I think I see your point.

I'm running EK with 8K damage per pop. Consistent damage output. Doing 72-75 maps.

So an increased Leech rate will help with my survivability because 8K damage x say 6-7% is enough to heal me plenty right? Is that the logic?
A little bit of math can tell you if your leeches are overlapping:

Take your health and multiply it by 0.2. That's your life/second leech cap.

Take your DPS and multiply it by your leech percent. That's how much life you leech per second.

If the second number is higher than the first number, then it's worthwhile. If not, then you won't be gaining any extra health when facetanking, so it's value should be considered solely by the small extra help slightly faster leeches would give against spike damage (e.g. Carnage takes you down to 10% health and a nearby skeleton archer crits shortly after. That's one case where faster leech could save you, but that's the only one I can think of).
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gilrad wrote:
Take your DPS and multiply it by your leech percent. That's how much life you leech per second.

no it isn't.

leech happens based on damage dealt (after monster mitigation), not theoretical dps numbers from your tooltip.

Yeah, but he's using Ethereal Knives, a physical spell. Monsters have a trivial amount of physical resist. Though I guess it might be a bit inflated by Hatred and added fire.
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It's all about if you're over-capping your leech rate which is 20% of you maximum life per second.
If you do, then you should get 20Q for total of 24% leech rate, instead of 20%.

And yes, calculate all your DPS, elemental and physical, because LL gem leeches from both. Unless you have some leech on your gear, then you should apply and calculate the leech only for the physical DPS, and then add it up with the leech of LL gem.

Usually, I've calculated ~90% efficiency of my DPS to calculate the leech, due to the resistances and low armour, because the elemental DPS was usually just the Hatred aura part (those lame ass elemental mods on gear meant nothing to me, no more than 700 DPS).

And I pretty much guessed it right, judging by my testing.
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Definitely reset it. It'll get back up to level 17 fast enough which not much different from 20.
I GCP vendor all my level 20 gems unless the bonus is something trivial like increased aura radius. It gets back up to level 15-17 pretty quick and usually the bonus at that point makes it more powerful than it was at level 20.
Yes if you do not run VP

No if you do run VP

pretty much that simple.

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