Need help with cold build

Currently stuck and dont know where to go i use decoy totem as a agro glacial casade as a main attack and then cold nova is i get swormed. wanting to make a Pure cold build im completely invested in int. here is my build. load to see armor etc etc but i don't know what else to do please help, thanks.
i wish someone in the community could me out with this build...Bump
You're stuck at level 18?
ign: orosmoltenstrike
build thread:
i don't know where else to progress on my skill tree at lv 18 i don't want to mess up my char and ive looked for ice templar builds and i cant seem to find anything. : The Build

Glacial cascade suffers because it does not benefit much from cold damage nodes. That is why i speced out of them. Getting pure spell damage and cast speed would be generally a better idea. The reason cold damage does do a lot is because the spell is two thirds cold, but might as well be half physical and half cold, and that is why spell damage is superior.

You also skimped on aoe nodes that gave could give you extra range and extra damage, in the end giving more survivability. Make sure to pick up health nodes because, they will give you a lot of extra time alive which means extra time doing damage, which means overall more damage. Health and resists are the most powerful stats in the game, giving you the biggest bonus.

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thank you.
Anyone else got any other builds? or a level progression that i can follow?
So when you add spell damage does it affect the entire Glacial Cascade spells damage, or only the cold portion?

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