How can I improve damage?

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There's 2 8% totem damage nodes you passed over. They're in the 4 node totem circles. One is by Ancestral Bond, the other is in the southwest area of the tree. There's also the small totem circle (three nodes) with shamanistic fury next to inner force between the templar and witch areas.

You could also switch out GMP or LMP. It's a slightly reduced area but it's a lot more damage.

Do totems crit? If they do you're near a bunch of crit nodes.

Yes totems do crit

I have allmost the same build except for BM and more life nodes, i'm planning to go down the witch tree, cast speed + spell damage. You are there, go for it.

I have added lightning dmg, so i never take pure fire dmg nodes. But as you use chaos i would have taken totem damage instead of pure fire nodes :)

i use:

so the totems can shock stack, it will boost the dmg also.

i will link you my gear, maybe you get some ideas :)

forgot to socket, but the shield will have warp+reduced duration+faster casting.

Maybe dual wield wands, if you dont get to squishy. As lot as spell dmg and cast speed as possible. Or else you should get spirit shields, they have spell damage.

Good luck
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at first glance:

get a spell damage shield, flame totem benefits from spell damage.

in your passives you have a lot of crappy 8% fire damage nodes and you skipped shamanistic fury

I would also recommend using Faster Projectiles gem for extra AOE and clear speed, it makes alot of difference.

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