[1.1.3] Ambush - Daen's Static Wasteland (Mjölner & Righteous Fire)

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Mjölner is a fascinating item, and there is a lot that can be done with it. It's incredibly satisfying to run around as essentially the god of thunder! The main weakness of Mjölner is its single-target damage capability, and I believe that this concern has been solved here.

This Mjölner build is primarily driven by Discharge damage. The goal is to proc Mjölner's passive chance to cast socketed Lightning spells as often as possible while keeping the procs under control.

- Very enjoyable to play
- High single target DPS
- High AoE burst (instakills most mob packs)
- High sustained damage
- Tanky, primarily from life leech and life gain on hit
- Fire damage is trivial due to 90% fire resistance
- Reflect is utterly meaningless
- Lightning Thorns is not a concern when playing carefully
- Massive power spikes at level 60 at at level 65

- Requires a solid computer
- Relatively expensive (20-40 Exalt)
- Leveling until 60 is difficult without a leveling build
- Weak enemies die so quickly to RF that it's hard to proc Discharge off of them

Gear & Flasks

Weapon: Mjölner, the core item of the build.

Links & Gems: RBB - Life Leech, Discharge, Increased Area of Effect


Shield: Rise of the Phoenix, it pretty much makes Righteous Fire possible.

Links & Gems: RRG - Leap Slam, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks


Helmet: Armour or Armour/Evasion, ideally with a life roll and elemental resistances.

Links & Gems: RRRB - Cast When Damage Taken (level 1), Enduring Cry (level 5), Decoy Totem (level 8), Enfeeble (level 5)


Chest: Armour or Armour/Evasion, ideally with a life roll and high defensive stats. I roll a Tabula because...well, 6 Link.

Links & Gems: RRRRGG - Blood Magic, Life Gain on Hit, Multistrike, Melee Splash, Double Strike, Faster Attacks


Gloves: Armour or Armour/Evasion, ideally with a life roll, attack speed, and elemental resistances. Aurseize has great rarity however, so I use those.

Links & Gems: RRRG - Reduced Mana, Vitality, Purity of Fire, Grace


Boots: Armour or Armour/Evasion, ideally with a life roll, movement speed, and elemental resistances.

Links & Gems: RBBB - Increased Burning Damage, Concentrated Effect, Increased Area of Effect, Righteous Fire


Belt: High life and elemental resistances.


Rings: Romira's Banquet is a requirement, the other ring is optional. I like a combination of rarity and life, but it's up to personal preference.


Amulet: Astramentis, it's much easier than trying to stack reduction of attribute requirements.


Flasks: Essentially up to preference, though these are the flasks I currently use.

IGN: Daen_Explosion

I welcome PMs, if you'd like to discuss my build feel free to contact me in-game!

Thanks for reading!
- Daen
Last edited by HauntedEagle on May 6, 2014 2:34:23 AM
Would iron will be a better idea over increased area of effect? or do you think the damage is just so insane already its not really requireD?
It's really a matter of preference. I use Increased Area of Effect because for a Double Strike build the added range is incredibly useful. It allows me to hit any enemy that is attacking me while I attack another target, and without IAoE I can't hit ranged enemies that are at the limits of their range.

I never really found the damage from Iron Will to be all that significant for Discharge, though it's definitely worth messing with the support gems to see what fits your play style. Other than bosses and rares mobs essentially die instantly so the difference isn't incredible noticeable. Plus, Righteous Fire gives me 59% more spell damage and 15% increased spell damage with maximum quality which more than makes up for any loss in Iron Will.
Last edited by HauntedEagle on May 11, 2014 10:35:19 AM
So after playing with this build for a while i can safely say.

Using cyclone is far more efficient andwayyyyyyyyyy tankier than double strike.

try it out.

I didn't like this build to much before but with cyclone it dominates

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