[ambush]Templar Glacial Cascade Crit & Block Build help

This is what I have so far for my passive tree:

This is what I'm aiming for:
It's a bit low on life at the moment. I plan on getting + 24% max life in the next few levels.
The crit chance is good enough. The damage is descent enough. The crowd control is awesome.
I have very few survivability issues. Some casters and large groups of monsters can be a pain to deal with but it can be done with a bit of kiting. Melee attackers don't stand a chance.
I have one point saved for EB. I'm waiting for the moment when I get a good enough Cloak of Defiance.

Here's my gear:

I know need new gloves.

My links:

Glacial Cascade + Conc + PCoC + Added Chaos Damage (I plan on adding Life leech once I get a 5L)

Flame Totem + LMP (mana issues prevent me from using GMP) + Blind + Faster Attacks (how do I toughen up my totem?)

Lightning warp + Faster casting + Reduced Duration

Molten Shell + Increased Duration (I'm thinking of replacing this with CwDT + IC + EC)

Trap + Multi Trap + Arc + Iron Will (this is just me testing out how to get shock stacks on monsters, it may get phased out if I don't like it)

Reduced Mana + Grace + Clarity + Tempest Shield (

If anyone can give me tips and advice on skill set ups/links, gear improvements, passive tree critique/improvements it would be appreciated.

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http://poeurl.com/yNUheWH : Glacial Cascade

You're build did pretty good as far as health, i would focus on getting more as you go. As a spell caster having a bit more life and mana regen might be more important then getting shaper. Going into the witch tree would allow getting more mana regen and more life. I move a little bit of the points around to get the stronger shadow crit nodes.

Otherwise the build looks really good, again focusing on life will be key, reflect is probably going to be a problem, some way to mitigate reflect would be wise.
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