--- You need Exalts FAST ? You hate trading? Sell me your items you dont need !!! - BEST Price

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Please PM if you are interested
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Ignore prices, have not been on standard in quite some time and do not know what these are worth in current markets, for the most part. PM me any you are interested in, what they're worth, and what you'll buy them for.

would want to sell this but rly hard to price it, only bs prices in poetrade.


I'm emptying a place, If you want to bid please send pm
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bulk ilvl 86+
Hi you can buy anything you like from my entire stash its a big stash built from 2013 :P Lmk and maybe we can find a way for you to inspect the stuff you are interested in. It's filled with variety of most uniques and alot of nice rares of all sort

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Hello friend. I have many good items and i want to sell them as fast as possible.
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also much items don't shown in thread

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