Space's RF Mjolner Cyclone

This is a build utilizing a great synergy between Cyclone, Righteous Fire, and Mjloner. It features a lot of spelldamage in the tree and use of RF to obtain serious damage on arcs proccd from attacks.

The main 5l the build uses is Cyclone, Faster Attacks, Blood Magic, Life Gain on hit, and Blind. This is excellent for single target because it proc's arcs from Mjolner fast, and it blinds enemies while also burning them with RF because of their close proximity.

A secondary 4l contains Lightning strike, faster attacks, multistrike, and chain. This clears aoe even faster than cyclone, and is good for fighting enemies at a distance. It's single target is not great though.

I curse with ele weakness to benefit both Arc and RF. Molten shell is also used for defense and offense.

This build is unique among RF builds i have seen in that it only takes 3% regen from the tree, and can sustain RF indefinitely. Here's how this works: 75% base res, 4% from tree, 8% from Rise of the Phoenix shield, and 8% from Purity of fire is 95% fire res. At 95% RF only burns 4.5% life/sec (90x.05) which is easily made up for, especially because vitality gives this build about 2.5% life/sec regen.

The trick is to get 8% out of Purity of fire. this is done by boosting it to lvl 23. This can be done with a combination of + level items and empower, or a lvl 21 POF and and a lvl 3 Empower. At lvl 23 PoF gives 5% to max res - with 60% inc aura effect from tree this becomes 8%!

By managing RF in this manner I can spend more points on life and spell damage. I also run purity of lightning in the same manner, to achieve 87% lightning res. This makes using lightning coil as armor awesome, and helps vs reflect. Lightning coil with 87% lightning res is a 35% damage reduction, which is really great.

So, how well does it work?

- Very well! This build shreds lvl 76+ maps very quickly. I have done every map boss from 74 up no problem as well, including palace dom and courtyard! By hitting 100% fire res and 99% lighting res from ruby/topaz flasks this build is invincible vs some bosses (and things like dom's lightning beam).

Of course the downside to running RF is it limits your map mods. I cant run RF on no regen, -50% regen, -max resists, or vulnerability maps. However, this build does a LOT of dps with arcs even with RF turned off, so it does just fine and is not as picky about map rolls as some builds that only use RF for damage.

Compared to some mjolner builds ive seen this one does really well in that single target is no problem - RF cyclone does a ton of damage and procs lots of arcs on a target.

My damage from each arc is 238-4508, which I believe is way higher than most Mjolner builds will get.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Bandits - Oak, Kill All, Kill All


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Hey, I'm doing the scion rf + mjolner build.

My tree:

And gear:
How do you handle with ele reflect ?
The only gem you have for healing is life gain on hit...

Ele reflect is no problem. I hit 99% lightning resist with a topaz flask up. This build also heals from ruby flasks, and 1 surgeons healing flask.
wow such nice build, with such a hot ass, space you are the complete package

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