1.1.1c Patch Deployed and Content Update 1.1.2 Information

We've deployed the 1.1.1c patch which fixes some minor issues and adds support for Race Season Seven (which starts tomorrow!). We've prepared a Google Calendar of this season here and an iCal version here.

Our next content update is 1.1.2 and is currently scheduled for late next week. This is a rough estimate - we'll post a more detailed timeline once we know for sure.

These aren't patch notes, but some of the changes we're working on include:
  • A new cold DPS skill: Glacial Cascade
  • A new PvP-targeted support gem
  • Two new rogue exiles
  • At least one new Vaal skill (Vaal Storm Call?)
  • A new vendor recipe
  • Two new achievements
  • Four new unique items, including a Unique Map
  • A new Invasion boss
  • Two new Seraph-themed microtransaction effects

There are other changes (especially some buffs to less-popular skills) in the works, so if something isn't included in the above list, please don't assume it's not in this patch :)

We're up to 45 players credited with Invasion Atziri kills so far. We'll probably be able to award the 50 prizes to Ambush and 50 to Invasion on Monday. The Invasion one looks slightly different.

There will be stash tab sales this weekend (Premium Bundle on the first day and Regular non-bundle on the second day).
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... make us wait til monday T_T
woooot first page hype


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CalDAV for the win, plz!!! :-)
Samir "BodeTux" Piccolotto
Good stuff to hear.

Wonder if anything special is planned for uber atziri killers?
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Looks good!
IGN Bloodlines: WaitingForActFourRip
I love buffs :o
I can't wait to fight the new Rogue Exiles!
new exile? great!

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