San Francisco Fan Meetup and Atziri Kill Progress Update

We had a great fan meetup with about 40 fans in San Francisco today! Because some of us are in town for GDC, nine of our developers made it to the meetup as well. It was really awesome hearing stories from the fans and explaining how some aspects of the game work!

I managed to take one photo of part of the meetup once it had moved to a nearby food-court.

We're up to 37 Atziri kills in Ambush and 0 in Invasion so far! It's possible that the Ambush side of the competition (50 kills) will be complete tomorrow. I'll try to mention it in the news soon after it is, but as I am at GDC and business meetings much of the day I may be late to post it.

I believe that the schedule of cut-throat events is being posted tomorrow. Feedback on them would be appreciated after you've participated, as we experiment with different settings.
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leto2626 wrote:
Love how that one guy's PoE shirt looks like as if he wore it every day since he got it ;) Or he might be a geek who just puts everything in the white wash though :p

Haha, I've only worn it a handful of times, most recently at PAX 2013. If it looks washed out, you can blame Erik!
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