Vaal Glacial Hammer Teaser Screenshot and Recent Hotfix Patch Notes

They'll get buffed not because people are complaining but because GGG will look at the stats and see nobody uses them.

They may as well not even be in the game.
Honestly I've had fun, though I'm not high level so I can see some potential issues witht he gems I have. Some of these gems are perfectly fine how they are, some of the others I would wish for the suggestion some people put up, that you can use the regular skill. So if you had, lets say, Vaal Rain of Arrows, You could use it as the default Rain of arrows skill with the default rain of arrows stats, and then when souls are up, you could key the Vaal version of the skill to a separate hotkey to use at times you need it.

The only real downside to this.... No one would even use the basic rain of arrows skill again then.

Though this kind of kill mechanics could be fun for the ball lightning and some of the other overpowered skills. What throws me off is that some of these skills seem to be majorly powerful vs their original counterpart, and some of the others seem to not be that much better.

Vaal Molten Shell FTFW!

Be really cool if a vaal support gem came out that would allow player to get 2+ vaal charge for max of 3 or a reduced soul gem,lol.

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Yay, more useless gems!
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this post seems to show that every one is a noob when it come to the use of vaal gems. its so sad to see ppl wanting to change there idea so soon simply because they dont work the way ppl assumed.

i for one like they way they work but seems every one just wants a op version of there skill they can spam

i think ppl need to stop looking for buffs when new content comes out.

They should work differently than they do, and I can very easily explain why.

Currently they are just another mechanic to be abused by snapshotting.

You charge them, you move it to your 6link, you use it, you then take it back out of your 6link.

It'd be much better if it worked like your normal gem, and then when charged had the ability to fire off the vaal effect as an alternate usage, this way it wouldn't need to be snapshotted and the people snapshoting it wouldn't have an advantage over those using it in its intended manner.
Thanks for the hotfixes :)
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Please tell me that we can use this one more then once every two minutes....

Fish Sticks.
Desync Suicide hammer.

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