March Mini-Expansion Announcement Timeline

As usual, we're working on this content right up until the last minute. We're expecting to tease features over the course of the month (with early screenshots). We will fully announce how the new systems work at the culmination of our press tour in late February, as the details will be locked down by then.

The following dates are in the US timezone.
Thursday, February 13: The name and theme of the mini-expansion will be announced. A 20 day countdown will start on the website and in the game client.

Thursday, February 20: After some teaser screenshots during the week, we'll post some more information about features of the mini-expansion.

Friday, February 28: After a week of visiting press on the West Coast of America, our full press embargo will be lifted and a brand new gameplay trailer will be posted. Full information about the mini-expansion will be announced.

Wednesday, March 5: Path of Exile 1.1.0 is released and the new four-month leagues start!

I am so pleased with the amount of creativity and effort the team is putting into this update. You're going to love it.
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Woot. Super excited
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I knew the background change was something to do with this! :D
1st page !!!
Nice new splash :D
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nice :) and awesome new background on the site
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POE 2 hype.
1st page?

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