IIQ bug on maps

So today I ran an alched lvl 72 labyrinth map. It had an IIQ of 129 (20% chiseled).
When I entered the map in the top right corner it said the map only had 109 IIQ, and when running the map (with a 230/60 IIR/IIQ culler) it quickly became apparent that 109 IIQ was just bs as well.. The entire map dropped 1 rare for me, and only 1 new map dropped (didn't kill the boss, he 1 shot all of us...).
It was very noticeable that there wasn't any IIQ on the map (you can definitely notice when there would be a total of 189% IIQ), barely any items dropped in it.

So my question is? Is there a known bug with IIQ mods on maps, or am I doing something wrong? Because this wasn't a 129% IIQ map..
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