Nemesis+Shrines One Week Race Announced

Also, have a great Christmas! There probably won't be a news post tomorrow because we'll be home with our families.

Edit: We've pushed the race back a day to avoid people's New Year celebrations.
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Merry Christmas!

I don't race but I'm sure the people that do will enjoy.
Crafting doesn't exist in POE. Gambling does...and the house always wins.

Velocireptile - I LOL'ed. Which made me fart. I wish the office were empty right now :(

Hardlicker - I had to push the dog out of the way so I could get to the sexy quilt.
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Sounds awesome, thanks again GGG
Lol the smallest desync will kill you in this race.
Merry X-Mas! Read my sig, Chris! :- D
>> Allow Home and End keys to quickly travel through the Stash!!!
First page again! :D

Awesome race, Shrines on HC league!

Merry Christmas.
Sounds fun :) :)
Awesome. With a little bit of rebalancing, I would love to see both Shrines and Nemesis mods rolled into standard. Maybe Nemesis mods could act similar to map mods? Depending one Nemesis mod, the rare monster would X% increased rarity or quantity for their drops, but unlike Nemesis league, not all rare monsters would have Nemesis mods.
Bullshit, you get the game for free.


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