help on a summoner build

looking for some advice on my summoner build, currently am running into a roadblock with Dominious on cruel.

Here's what I'm currently using for gear:


and this is what I have my passives set up as:


currently have my summon skele on totems. Any advice that might help out would be appreciated.

Edit: lol looked at the title and realized that it was misleading, so I changed it for clarification.
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bump for some help please
Your build doesn't have enough life bonuses for your templar to hold out well, when minions go down. Your summoner's armor total is also very low, for late cruel. AOE that gets your summoner and piercing attacks (in particular) probably lead quite quickly to survival problems. Also, you're really not getting much out of trying to maximize the number of minions your templar summons, particularly if you're also using searing bond. Finally, it's good to have a curse, to improve your defense / offense.

I'm impressed that you've made it to Cruel Dominus, given your armor and life totals, and given your build. Here are a few tweaks to your passives tree that may (or may not) toughen up your templar enough to consider getting ready for merciless difficulty:

Hopefully this helps, and good luck with your templar.

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