Release was a Success! Open Beta Supporter Packs End Soon


Today was the proudest day of my life.
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Congratulations for the successful release, lots of love <3
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Congratulations on release!
WELL DONE! CONGRATS! :D Pls get some sleep!
wish you guys all the best
8/8 Challenges Anarchy/Onslaught
8/8 Challenges Domination/Nemesis
8/8 Challenges Ambush/Invasion

IGN: @Mob_Barley
Awesome Game! Keep going!

thank you & the rest of the developers so much for the game
[quote="Ludvator"]yes GGG fix lightspeed or i quit[/quote]
Great work guys. Seriously enjoying spectral throw. Got 4-5 friends playing so far on steam.
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