Upcoming Halloween microtransactions, awesome cosplay and more!

Halloween is soon so we've come up with some cosmetic microtransactions that have a typical Wraeclastian twist. The Demon Hand Pet and Decapitation Helmet Skin will be available from launch day (October 23) until the day after Halloween. We ran a similar time-limited promotion in February with the Valentine's Heart Weapon Effect.

Our community member Mirakat posted about her awesome Witch Cosplay. We were so impressed by her attention to detail that we had to share it with everyone in the news!

Path of Exile points packs (50 points, 100 points and 200 points) are now being sold at www.G2A.com. They accept a variety of worldwide payment methods, so if you've been unable to buy points via our site and interested in helping support us, please check out their store (which includes a selection of other popular games).

Incgamers is running a news special on our launch week this week and has some prizes to give out, an exclusive interview to post and various other news features.

Supporter Pack Sales are still going really well! Remember that these packs are only available until the end of Wednesday the 23rd, so if you want one, remember to buy it before then! Support can help you upgrade existing packs if needed. Just mail them at support@grindinggear.com.

We're expecting to post the 1.0.0 patch notes tomorrow. They're gigantic. I have to admit, typing "Path of Exile Version 1.0.0" at the top of the file was a very moving moment for me.
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Can't wait for patch notes !!
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cant wait for 1.0.0 WTB time machine
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Edit: Both microtrans look SUPER! The decap one is gonna be super cool i think. possible to pair it with spirit charm? i'd love to replace the whole head with a floating charm. heh heh.
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Great news all! Can't wait for release!
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Great Job GGG and Chris , cant wait :)
Amazing job Chris and GGG. Thanks.
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