Fire/Chaos Witch

Now that my Unique has been added into the game, I can begin discussion about the build I'm looking towards. This build is completely centered around the unique I helped create. For anyone who hasn't seen it as yet here it is.

The final name is Infernal Mantle. The numbers may have changed, but the mechanics are final. As I find this item and form a build off it I'll keep this thread updated. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts they'd like to add, I'd be very happy to read them and give them serious consideration.
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Also, I'd probably go with Searing Touch and slot my gems into a 5L version of that. I presume the benefits of your armour apply even if the gems aren't inserted onto the chest piece (apart from the +1 level bonus, of course)?

Also, does your chest convert Burning damage to chaos damage?

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It applies converts to chaos damage no matter where the skill is. Don't know about burning damage. If it is considered fire damage then the answer should be yes. It was my intention when discussing this item with GGG that it would apply to burning as well.
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it does
Would Exploding arrow be counted as fire Damage with this item? Cause then it would make my witch QR Build hit so much harder. then it already does. But my witch is always on low mana cause it's a QR Build and my main thing is APS and Mana regen.
My thread asking for input for this build

My QR Build in action, In video, lvl 47 NPC is Merciless Bandit.
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I'm a Quill Rain Witch Build that just uses Exp Arrow with LMP. So with my stupidly high Mana Regen Rate and fire Damage with a Normal 6 APS. The Chaos Damage from this will destroy End Game maps.
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Oh I LOVE the item, can't wait to find it, or (sigh) trade for it...

And I like the build, I have one similar that i am playing around with, but it is focused a little differently. Everyone says that the fire witch has issues tanking, so I wanted to incorporate minions with my fire, but i want it to sync, so i went exploding minions.

What do you all think, I think OPs build will put out more damage, but i am hoping my build will mitigate damage to make up for a little less focus. And still get nice explosions. The only thing I didn't grab was increased area of explosions. You feedback is appreciated.
And again, nice item man!

Nierobol wrote:

In a way you're right, that is still not the final item. Fire dmg crit chance can't be increased. GGG just can't do that. It'll carry an increased spell crit chance instead. Once again, numbers may still change, but the overall theme of it (especially the conversion to chaos damage) will remain.

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