Preliminary 0.11.5 Patch Notes

The number of charges produced by Enduring Cry has been increased at all levels.

YES!!! Enduring Cry is getting a slight buff. Easier to max it out with this upcoming change.
A buff was needed, but it almost kills Enduring Cry Dischargers, if you can't use multiple gems to get around the cool down.
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Fixed a case where Hillock could lose his sword.

Silly Hillock!
Not happy with the cool down changes, wasn't the down side of having multiples of the same skill equipped - the fact that you have multiple equipped? Don't think linking cool downs across different gems was a good idea.
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The cooldown times of traps (except for Conversion trap and the Trap support gem) have been lowered to four seconds.

so you buffed powerful traps and nerfed ones that were never used? (trap support.. remote mine has MORE damage, trap support should be called crap support instead). conversion trap is nice and all but have yet to see anyone make a serious build around it (or use it at all)

Fire Trap's on-hit damage has been reduced at high levels (20% at Level 15). The damage of Fire Trap's burning ground has been increased by 50%.

i dont know how to read it - but it seems this skill got an amazing buff (and searing touch value just went up a little). i know that the proliferated dmg is going down but the burning ground will just rape now

Fixed a bug introduced in 0.11.4 where Zombies were given substantially more life than intended.

this worries me.. previously you messed around with resists now with life. will zombies be viable after this patch? they are beefy (but they better be with 160% life and tot.and.min.el.res) but with them it is very easy to nerf them into oblivion making summoners sad pandas relying on spectres (that is a bit lame as you have to first do pre-play and hunt for spectres and then play..)
Completed 26 ChallengesTehHammer wrote:
A buff was needed, but it almost kills Enduring Cry Dischargers, if you can't use multiple gems to get around the cool down.

Not really issue to me since I only use one Enduring Cry in my build. Though, I have been close to actually implementing another Enduring Cry to my build just to bypass the cooldown.
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This will probably completely break my fire trap character, who uses a 6-linked searing touch with proliferated trap for burning aoe, with concentrated effect fire traps to single target resistant rares and bosses down.

According to these notes I'm receiving a 20%+ (Level 20 traps) nerf along with not being able to have 6 single target traps to throw.

Thanks for the 2 day warning I guess? All for the sake of pvp which doesn't really exist yet?

The skin change microtransaction shows me you guys have the tech already in place to make race rewards art MTX effects, why haven't you done this yet?
dspair wrote:
RIP Zombies.

Seriously. I mean, zombies are easy to replace and we have no idea how much less hp they will have, sure, but how many times are summoners gonna be nerfed before we get some more love? This is just getting sad. Most groups forbid the build joining in, we have a very limited amount of resources in which we can increase our minions potential and now our zombies are going to be even weaker (sorry, but AOE is a huge thorn in a summoners side and this will only make it worse).
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Dreggon wrote:

Might I suggest the Guild Wars 2 approach?

This is a really clear interface - you click on the traits you want to keep (in order: appearance, stats, sigil [ignore this one]) and then click the transmute button. Right clicking will probably cause people to mistakenly apply the wrong appearance/stats to the wrong item.

Thanks for linking that - we actually checked it out in the design of this. We do have a prompt that pops up to explain which one is which (the visual identity vs the stats) but it's not as pretty as the GW2 one. I'd like to improve this in the future if we get time/budget.
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after reclaime the skin transfer, do i get the effect back so i can you it on another item?

nice patch, like it very much
I'm disappointed with the shared cooldown change. It was very cool to have multiple versions of flicker strike and cold snap...
A buff to the trap support gem is always welcome although it will be still weak imo
Idk what is this hillock bug, but would be cool if he could lose his sword officially
Apart from what I said, this is a very nice patch
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