Blind + Ondar's Guile Interaction

Blind: Reduce affected's chance to hit by 75%
Ondar's Guild: Doubles Chance to Evade Projectiles

To my knowledge there are two valid interpretations of this interaction.

The first: Ondar's Guild doubles Chance to Evade Projectiles; Blind Reduces chance to hit by 75%.

Result: "0%" Evade You have ~75% Projectile Evasion (Ondar's Guile does effectively nothing)

The Second: Blind Reduces chance to be hit by 75%; Ondar's Guile doubles chance to evade projectiles

Result: With "0%" Evade you have 95% projectile evasion (Your evasion is 75% before Guile). Ondar's guile is a roughly 500% eHP multiplier against projectile attacks.

I'd like to know which is the way it works, as it makes a difference in Iron Reflex builds which make use of blind. If it works the former then there's no reason to sink the points, if it's the latter then Guile becomes an attractive choice to grant near projectile immunity.

Secondary question, how does evade capping work with regards to Ondar's Guile? Does it cap before the multiplier (meaning with guile you have 10% evade) or after (meaning that if you have 0 Evasion guile does "nothing" and you remain capped at 5%).

And finally:

A Chance to evade Projectiles line in defenses would be useful with Ondar's Guile. Please and thank you.

(Also a "Chance to Evade Blind enemies" line just so people see how powerful blind really is)
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0% to evade means you have Unwavering Stance. Even when blinded, enemies will always hit you, since you can't evade attacks.

The 5% base is doubled when taking OG, resulting in 10% to evade projectile attacks. Blinded enemies will have their chance to hit quartered, so you'll evade 77,5% of all projectile attacks. Barely worth the points to get OG if you plan to use Blind.
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I'm perfectly aware that 0% is only possible with US, that's why it's "0%" not 0%.

And the other interpretation is still equally valid. If an enemy is blinded you have a 75% evade (minimum) against them. Which is why I'd like to hear a dev answer. I suppose I could manually test against one enemy if I really wanted to.
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Autocthon wrote:
The first: Ondar's Guild doubles Chance to Evade Projectiles; Blind Reduces chance to hit by 75%.

Blind increases your Chance to Evade. Chance to Hit = Chance to Evade after all.
Chance to Evade (and thus Hit) is calculated first, and then Ondar's Guile is applied.

Edit: That's how these things normally go! :D
Not a topic I'm familiar enough with to say I'm definitely right, though.
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And see now two players have contradicted each other. :P
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The monster calculates it's chance to hit you, including blind. This gives your chance to evade, which is then modified further by Ondar's Guile. (modifying the chance to evade obviously also modifies the hit chance further, but this is the order it's done in).
Thank you mark. The official explanation is welcomed.

Edit: For the record I am familiar with the mechanics and figured that's how it was working. I just wanted official confirmation.
IGN - PlutoChthon, Talvathir
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