How many fusing you using when make 6 link your item?

I try make my chest to 6 link, 1300+ fusing and still shit link?

How many fusing you using when make 6 link your item?
Success or fail?
You will try again or give up?
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I've been trying to six link a searing touch as long as I've been playing my witch, and I'm at 1600. I sort of regret keeping count, because it's really demotivating.
I'd say average six link fusing count is somewhere between 1000 and 1500.
So 1300 without link is normal.
In my life 1 item and probly tried well over 5k on many items in that time
5 fusings to 6 link a white crusader plate that dropped with 6 slots. Just got its quality up to 20% and boom 6 links. Then 1 alchemy and around 4 chaos to make it not a terrible item.

Would definately try again.
My first item took 75, second item took almost 800. Guild mate used well over 2000 on a chest before he got the 6L.

OP feel free to browse through this thread, which has hundreds of answers to your question.
500 500 100 1000 100 100
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first 78fusing, second 1fusing, third 1fusing, (fourth 204 only 5l and below)
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Realize that people are more likely to report larger or smaller numbers than are typical, so don't rely on stories here other than for what they're worth. Another important number to work with is the chance of getting a 5L before getting a 6L. Many are happy to stop at this point. That number seems to be close to 90%.

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