How many fusing you using when make 6 link your item?

500 with 4x scrap + fuse method.
Don't draw conclusions from these anecdotes. People tend to report only their extreme cases when asked like this. You'll need a much more objective study to really gain any insight.
i found a perfect shavronnes wrapping in bog maps i used 6 jewlers to 6s and 1 fusing bingo i 6l a perfect shaves sold it for 58 ex i wish i would have streamed it , but didnt .
It only takes one:

Unless you like to gamble its always a better idea to buy a 6L versus trying to 6L it yourself.
I have never attempted to 5 or 6 Link anything, except for YOLOing a single Fusing from time to time when a 6S drops. My 1.75 Fusing profit is now only a 0.75 Fusing profit, so I don't like it.

Helms/Gloves/Boots/1 Handers is as far as I'll gamble, otherwise I just save and buy the 6L
The Russell Wilson Era
When people have to rely on buying 6-L items or putting up some shitty contest for other people to spend fuse to 6-link your gear, you know something's wrong with the linking mechanics...
R...N...G... Worst mechanic ever. I swear, it's alive and knows my name. I've spent thousands, never got better than a five link.. Now my friend had 3 fusings into a 6l vol's protector, 40 or so in a 6l reapers pursuit, and about 500 for his 6l Shavronne's... He's become wealthy with his luck but I'm way over the same amount and can't get a six link to save my own arse.
Kahirn wrote:
5 fusings to 6 link a white crusader plate that dropped with 6 slots. Just got its quality up to 20% and boom 6 links. Then 1 alchemy and around 4 chaos to make it not a terrible item.

Would definately try again.

The luckiest people are also the ones that make the most stupid decisions.

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I know you all loving it! fus is fun!
1900 fusings so far and no luck for me

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