Black Cat Criticism / Cat Animation Ideas While Idle / 2 Cat Sound Ideas

Quick Reasons WHY to add more to the Black Cat Pet:

1. Cats are a big, popular thing almost anywhere on the internet. We are like modern-day Egyptians when it comes to cats. Therefore, if more was added to the pet, it would sell more in the Shop than it already is.

2. Path of Exile (PoE,) the writer Edgar Allen Poe, and Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Black Cat' literary work have something awesomely in common!

3. Overall, there is definitely room for improvement on the Black Cat Pet.


Anyway, I am thinking of buying a Black Cat Pet, however, I think the animations for the Black Cat Pet are limited. Cats are often playful, and I think the microtransaction itself misses this concept.

If I'm going to pay nearly $20 for a single pet, I want to see it do more than sitting down and licking its paws when I am taking a break/idle.

Don't get me wrong, the Black Cat is hands down the best pet (to me) in PoE.

Animation and Sound Ideas for the Black Cat:

1. When the Black Cat is idle/not moving, make the cat lay down. After 15-20 seconds, the cat would roll over on its back to get back up on its feet. This animation would kick in every 2 minutes of idle time.

This is a common thing cats do in general.

2. When our characters are not moving, make the cat do a purring sound and rub against the player's leg a couple times, then walk away.

Note: The purring sound each time the cat rubs against a player's leg would not trigger off every time. This is less predictable and more realistic.

3. Only when idle, make the Black Cat do a mow sound (as in the word how) randomly every X amount of time (if it doesn't already.)

Thank You for reviewing this.
When game developers ignore the criticism that would improve their game, the game fails.
Just because a game receives a great amount of praise vs. only a small amount of criticism
does not mean to call it a day and make a foolish misplaced assumption that it is perfect.
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This needs a reminder: I do believe the animation is outdated. Would love to see the cat doing more refined tricks.

1.Climbs slowly on your shoulder?
2.Paws stretched faking an attack then retreating from enemies? In typical cat manner.

Sure there are many other possible scenarios that could be implemented, I'd be shocked if the cat lovers at GGG don't give it some more love. Would be super hyped.


P.S: For even more pesos, could do a whole new cat!
What great ideas for a better cat pet!

As a cat owner I have an objection to the meow sound. Who ever chose to use that meow either
(1) doesn't know cats, or
(2) has not had one or something!?

It is such a plaintive meow! It's a sad meow. It is a downer of a meow.

Please consider changing the MEOW! And those other great suggestions too!

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