Post your best find of the day!

the tittle saids best find.. not your best item/craft -_-

Heres mine :

Day 2

Day 3
Lionseye - Sold 6 Exalts
Day 4
Day 5

man this is the best week ever for me loot
Day 6

Day 7
and fo und exalted orb :D
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I found two exalts already today, but I used them both on this.

Dropped off Cruel Hillock.

Remember when I won a screenshot contest and made everyone butt-hurt? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

rare mob in river crossing Join the fun.
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i found a shavronnes wrappings. sold it almost immediately for 26 pure exalteds. aw yeah.
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i made this a long time ago:
im making this:
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( find but not drop )
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Could have been so good... :(

Cheers ;)
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