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thanks for keep this thread alive.. sticky please
Wise words buff -> balance <- nerf , need to happen , deal with it
Thanks alot for mantaining an awesome thread, keep it up! :-)
and away we go....
d:- D
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Leer Mask is probably the best helm in-game for 1 week races, just so you know.
*It's pretty good for high level mapping as well.
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PabloCappone wrote:
thanks for keep this thread alive.. sticky please

There is already a thread stickied that contain links like this type of thread. I just sent a PM to Michael, so he can update the link, so it redirects to this thread.
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Why did Facelicker stop updating the other thread?
i too fas fo youuuuuuu
I've updated the thread link sticky to point here (with the old thread link preserved for posterity in a spoiler)
Best of luck to the new caretaker, and thanks to FaceLicker for keeping the old thread up to date for so long.

Now where's the new uniques, GGG? :)
Special thanks to Facelicker for maintaining the thread for so long!

He looked after the unique information so well, we started using as a resource in the office when we wanted to check live information on unique items.

For a bit of historical information, Facelicker was the very first person to to find a unique item in Closed Beta.

Crosspost from old thread:

I just got an absolutely INSANE idea for the amulet, but I have no idea if it works.

We know that reflect is either a spell or attack based on what you hit it with. If hit with an attack, it reflects an attack, same thing with spells.

So, facebreakers might be able to multiply the damage reflected to attackers (not casters, though) if you are not using a weapon. Not sure if this would work though. I don't think it would, as I believe the "unarmed physical damage" mod is treated much like a node that would give physical damage to axe users, so it would only apply to unarmed attackers....

I dunno though. It would be REALLY cool if this build worked.

EDIT: Also, it's a projectile attack if hit with a projectile attack, so that also doesn't help me believe it would work... And reflect on mobs themselves are not affected by mods such as increased monster damage, so I can't even tell if the damage on the anvil is able to be modified.
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