life leech applies not properly to fire traps

the gem link info says it should work but it doesnt!

pls fix it ;D

need for my new build ;D

Just as reflect does not apply trap damage to your character, but instead to the trap, your life leech will apply only to the trap's health. I don't think it's ever going to work where traps leech life for you, though I guess it's a bit misleading with the support icon showing up.

Traps, mines, and totems do not leech for you, but to their own HP/MP pools.
a trap has no hp
and it says life leech from any dmg...
also a life on hit does not work for most fire spells how the hell should a caster leech life?
and like you said if it is not working it should not show up linked...
smurf6ww wrote:
a trap has no hp
They do have Life. If they didn't they wouldn't be able to be killed by AoE attacks (among other things that require life).

The trap is not you, and is a separate source of damage. This is working as intended, at least for now.
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Is this suggesting that the Ancestral Bond bypass is being rethought?
hm i get your point mark but i am not sure if i like it ;D - anyway. why does life on hit not work with most spells - is there also an explanation (fireball?firestorm?). i was trying to build a fire-burn-dmg-life witch and now i realize its pretty hard. this is not a problem just a finding. my dmg is awesome but my survivability none existent.
at least i can make use of life leech with fireball etc.

i am pretty new to the life builds and sure there are ways to leech life (totem aura etc.)
but i would like the more active less passive approach.

thank you and best regards sebastian
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something else.

why should a trap leech life when its making dmg...
in the moment it is making damage it is destroying itself ...
smurf6ww wrote:
why does life on hit not work with most spells - is there also an explanation (fireball?firestorm?).

The Life Gain on Hit description explicitly mentions it only works on Attacks. Spells are not Attacks. :)

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