0.11.1b Patch Notes

Version 0.11.1b
  • Fixed a crash with Shield Charge and Melee Splash.
  • Fixed Rain of Arrows not getting projectile damage bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug where spell damage bonuses did not affect skills immediately.
  • Fixed a bug with how Attack Speed was applied on some monsters and minions.
  • Added support for Signature Race top three accounts by class to be shown on a ladder on the website.

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The patch notes notice made me die!
Reeeeep. Inb4 I get 10k roa dps.
IGN: Hochep
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rip cyb
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishment the scroll-
Will this increase Brutus and Kole AS? Because it's HORRIBLE.
I don't think it matters what people think their playstyle says about themselves.
People in hardcore are playing a different game than people in default. Different rules, not better or worse. - pneuma, past PoE Forum Moderator.
need to fix RF sounding like a broken vibrator i literally cant hear any other ingame sounds with this thing

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