Early Preview of Chaos Orb Keychain

Our goal with the size is that it's large enough to show detail but small enough to be useful as a keychain.

On an unrelated note, I observed recently that there was a vendor recipe added to Path of Exile 18 months ago that isn't common knowledge. I only know of one player who knows this recipe. We like vendor recipes, Unique items and uses for Albino Rhoa Feathers to be secret, because then the people who find them can choose whether to share the information or keep it to themselves. I promised not to disclose what the recipe was, but figured it was fair game to remind people that there are secrets worth uncovering in Wraeclast ;)
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Looks great!
looks awesome
Your tears are like candy to me and I'm a fat kid who wants his candy.
Looks nice so far, I still kind of like the idea of it being more 3D like an orb, but I like it flat also. Probably also easier to keep it to a reasonable size while flat.

But this recipe intrigues me...
I wish I was that one guy.
IGN: Aux
Aux wrote:
I wish I was that one guy.

Time to throw more money at the screen!
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Oh man. I have a new mission now. Finding out what that recipe is...damn you Chris! The Chaos Keychain is looking nice by the way, can't wait to get my copy :).

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