Australian Test Gateway Feedback (Updated)

We have applied another fix for the latency spikes, and it's looking good so far. We will continue to monitor the stability, please let us know if you have further problems.

Hi guys, we are ready to do a (hidden) public test of our new Australian gateway.

If you are in the Australia or NZ region, we want to know what your experiences are like playing on this server. Please play there and report back in this thread if you experience any problems.

If the test is a success, we will add more servers and officially support the Australian gateway!

This gateway currently consists of 1 server only, so it can get easily full. If this happens, you may not be able to join new areas.

To try it out type "Australia" in the gateway box and log in as normal.


Can I play with players on other gateways?

Yes. This gateway works just like any other PoE gateway, which means that you can still play with players on other gateways, but if you choose to do so then you may get a higher ping while playing with those players.

Can I play with my existing characters?

Yes. Your characters and items span across all PoE gateways, and this one is included.

Do I lose any progress I make on this server?

You will not. The Australia server is a test, but it is also a normal PoE gateway server meaning that all your characters and items are shared across the entire realm.
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Are you guys considering putting in a dedicated server for us hardcore Antarctican PoE players?? My ping is pretty bad I think, usually 10000-20000 ms.
when I see a tag probation I wonder, what did this man to deserve this?
Then i feel envy, perhaps he has the balls to write the things that many of us can't.
nice! will try it out tonight
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omg 100 ping shown via F1 o_o

time to do some maps, i'll report back :D
will test this tonight once the work day is complete. exciting!

(wellington,nz via telstraclear/vodafone cable .. should be interesting to see what the connection is going to be like)
Canadian here, thought I'd try out my fellow commonwealth people's gateway. 266 ping, ok ... hmm you guys had to play with this ping??? I'm so sorry :(
I just had a quick two minute dash around Pools and Streams on the new gateway and I have to say it was a -massive- improvement, the gameplay felt so much more agile and responsive. My latency sat at around 80-90ms with a few odd 900ms spikes thrown in, but if other people aren't getting those spikes I'd lay the blame for them on my ISP as we're with Telstra Business in regional Queensland, it's not exactly a gaming service.
I'm pulling 33-50ms typically, with occasional spikes to 60 and a few ugly 200+ers so far.

I haven't seen ping this low since I lived in the US, so in the words of my favourite mass-murderer of Wraeclast, 'this is something else.'
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Auckland, NZ - Telecom ADSL connection: 180 ping with wireless... Down from 300 when playing on Singapore Server.

I can do maps again?
Okay so I'm playing from Brisbane with Telstra on Fibreoptic with a silky smooth 20-30ms latency. It is one of the most glorious experiences in my life and has ruined Australian style pings on other games forever. Desynchs still occur, however they never appear as severe, and I think with the new, more aggresive desynch correction coming soon it'll be far less of an issue. I'm extremely impressed, there's a wonderful feeling to seeing an enemy get hit by your attack when you make it, rather than some indeterminate amount of time after. Anyways, absolutely no problem on my end atm, just had to vent about how awesome the game is without lag.

Canadian here, thought I'd try out my fellow commonwealth people's gateway. 266 ping, ok ... hmm you guys had to play with this ping??? I'm so sorry :(

I no rite?!?!
We whine and moan a lot about servers (and I mean a lot), I know that, but it's because we know, despite what anyone else may claim THE GAMES ARE SO MUCH BETTER WITH LOW PING and we also know WE ARE NEVER GOING TO GET LOW PING our whole lives, and that's so sad......except now we do have it, and it is wonderful.

As the Gamer-Christians say "There are servers in Australia, all is right with the world"

bloody hell 22 ping, that's better than what most Americans get...

Stay golden GGG

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