Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur Teasers

People getting upset over a potential Determination nerf, when it's possible they're buffing other sources of armor so that Determination isn't so necessary for most builds, and builds with it are mostly the same until extreme amounts of budget. Mirror tier armor stacking builds doing over a billion dps are in shambles, oh the humanity.
Right GGG is well known to make nerf then give other source to get a similar result

/s for those who didn't understand
Why am I still here
Ruthless will reach you, and you know.

The end is nigh!

Only took 10 years, but worth the wait.
had sex 2 and my life is yours ggg
If the determination nerf is accompanied by monster phys overwhelm nerfs, this might be the league endgame character defenses get much more varied
Le Toucan Will Return
All the crybabies will love this.
Best and possibly longest/largest league drop INC!
"Are you still sane, Exile?"
New hideout base?
Or is it the legendary Winding Pier?
my hideouts -
Ppl crying on flat determination nerf
Why'd you not think of GGG FINALLY revamping armour formula for phys damage?

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