Past Mystery Box Microtransactions Weekend Sale

sirgog wrote:
This is the sort of post that would really benefit from a highlights summary.

Best three of them, IMO:

- #3: Harbinger portals
- #2: Treasure Hunter weapon effect
- #1: The ring MTX that counts your loot drops

(at least I think those are all in here)

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Ya know to say there are not duplicates but to put in the same item with a different color is really scammy. I don't believe I will purchase another supporter pack or mystery box because of the false advertisement you hide behind the same items with different colors...
Ive been searching and searching and now I realized that its just a discount on the MTX from the boxes... I thought you had the actual boxes on sale again for a limited time. This sucks. If I wanted those items, I would put them on my wishlist.

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