In Path of Exile 2 you'll be able to play as the Witch, Mistress of Death and Decay. Command hordes of the undead and unleash chaos upon your foes. Check out the Witch gameplay walkthrough below:

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Grinding Gear Games
POG CHAMPION This is going to be the best game of ALL TIME.
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"New Character"

In fairness, pretty interesting stuff here. Will have to see how spirit ends up working though as minions don't seem to leave much available for aura's or mitigation.
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not even a new character OM

Guess what I'm able to do in POE1 right now.
I am emotionally & mentally drained through the sharking waters.
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Ghazzy must be having a great time rn
End game wen
Honestly, GGG I would of paid 500.00 in a supporter pack to be playing Alpha right now. DM me .
Mechanically cool, but damn that just looks extremely boring to play.
Everything looks genuinely well thought out! Looks great too!

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