We're in the third month of the Necropolis League and you may be wondering about the timeline for our next expansion. In today's news post we'd like to give a short update on that matter.

We're currently looking at a late July release for the 3.25 expansion. Like the Necropolis expansion, we expect the 3.25 launch to happen simultaneously on PC and Consoles. This means that you have plenty of time to complete your challenges in the ongoing Necropolis League if you were planning on doing so.

We'll reveal all the details live during the GGG Live event around the middle of July. Stay tuned!
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Can you restart this leag LMAO
Last edited by shyndeptrai01 on Jun 4, 2024, 6:00:38 PM
shyndeptrai01 wrote:
Can you restart this leag LMAO
4 months league again and no events? FeelsBadMan
Great! Ingenious mechanics in Necropolis, but a little more dynamism and fluidity in the next one would be nice!
Please make the t17 maps more accessible for us half-armed players.

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